Monday, April 18, 2005

the case of legalizing prostitution

�But these days, many in the world?more liberal countries doubt if the exchange of sex for money between consenting adults really does threaten the fabric of society, and ask if the state really has any right to stop them doing so. Even some who still disapprove of prostitution wonder, given the authorities constant failure to curb it, whether it might be less bad to legalise and license the profession. This would help to get it off the streets, take it out of the hands of organised crime, control the spread of disease and curb sex slavery and underage prostitution.� � The Economist (UK) The Economist, that liberal think tank, must consider itself pretty smart for detailing these seemingly irrefutable arguments for the legalization of prostitution. But let�s look at a few of these so-called arguments more closely, shall we? First, the claim is that legalization will cut down on violence against women � but who wants that? It�s fun to slap a hooker around now and then. If brothels are legalized, everytime you smack a whore she�ll run straight to the nearest police station. Second, the claim is that legalization will set health standards for the sex industry � but who wants that? Disease and violence are the mechanisms of natural selection in sex work. They are the Darwinian forces that remove the old, the ugly, and the used-up so that sexy young virgins can get jobs satisfying men. Third, the claim is that legalization will curb sex slavery and underage prostitution � but who wants that? Without the international market in sex slaves, guys in podunk towns would not get the opportunity to broaden their horizons with hot teen sluts from Thailand and the Ukraine. Fourth, the claim is that legalization will fill government coffers with revenues from sin tax � but who wants that? Everyone knows that smart business owners pass on increased operating expenses to the customer. Taxing prostitution will only drive up the price for the guy on the street.
[via pervscan] what an awesome analysis. :D i like whipping em too and i dont believe in taxes coz ive never given any in my life coz... i live in a supposedly tax-free country :D

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