Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Monday, September 19, 2005

"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." -Noam Chomsky
so they coudlnt find blogger.com for. that's ok. they coudlnt find hotmail.com for someone. heres the url: [http://sea.search.msn.com/dnserror.aspx?FORM=DNSAS&q=www.hotmail.com]
click to see where that led to. :-D
Oh someone looking for "Musharrafs sex life" also ended up here :-/

Friday, September 16, 2005

"Why is this heart of yours so unbelieving? It�s not as if Truth is dead"

Sigh. Why are ppl so afraid to trust?

That's the english translation of the song sanwal by junoon from their album parvaaz. you can get the lyrics, both the original in urdu and the english version, here.

More Useful Everyday

Thursday, September 15, 2005

:( i got tagged WAAAAH! :(

5 years ago: I was a retard. 1 year ago: no improvement. 5 songs i know all the words to: baa baa black sheep, twinkle twinkle little(st?) star, mary had a little lamb, jack n jill and.... hmmm.... blah.... 5 snacks i enjoy: i'll mention the ones i've eaten recently... crispy moz cheese sticks, baked potato wedges, oh oh pakoray and imli ki chutney yummmmmm... oh mom made gajar ka halwa... but i dont think thats a snack :D but im having it now.. suckaaaaz! :P chipzzzzzzzzz.. is that five? just assume it is, ok? 5 things i'd do with a w/$100 million dollars: oh its MILLION... i just read that as $100 and i was wondering.. what the hell can anyone do with that? i havent the darnest idea. im not a rich person. only the rich know who to spend that amount of money. and no, im not thinking of giving it to the poor people. coz then they will be rich, so then u'll have to throw the same question to them, coz its an amount they woudlnt normally have on them. so blah! :P i shall BURN it all. aaaahhh... that would feel awesome! 5 places i would runaway to: desi girls dont run away ok? besharam! but seriously, i love going back to where our first home was,,, coz we were right across the beach... ive grown up there... love the beach.. its my retreat any given day... oh and im scared of it. :-/ its soooo huge... 5 things i would never wear: the stuff they wear to oscars. and the ones they cat walk in. horrid!! 5 favourite tv shows: i've never been a regular with tv or with any show... i'll switch it on when im bored, an di'll watch it if its interesting. simple azzat. hmmm, i liked the olides tho, when i was a kid. for example i loved the cartoons the flintstons and the jetsons, but i cant stand them now. of course those werent shows. hmm lemme think... hmmmm 5 greatest joys: being an angel, euphimism, being an angel, carping and did i mention being an angel? 5 favourite toys: my siblings :D i can slap em around all i want. :-/ because i am not evul like Tez i wont tag anyone. i seriously dunno how u ppl manage to fill this stuff up, i cant! and to the two people who tagged me earlier. im sorry, i dunno what u tagged me for :( one of them was owl i know... i dont even remm who the other person was... dont beat me :( oh wait, now i remm who the other one was... this is what i do at 2 in the morning. :-/

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

my ode to cats and cockroaches

my sister used to lift kittens by their tails, swing em and throw em. they made for cool frisbees you know. and they actually came back for more. lol. lol. lol. yeah, its not just me and my family who were (are) retarded, it was the stray cats my mom fed too. she always left sauted fish for them. and milk. and my sis, oh god, she'd feed em those tiny homoeopathic tablets when they got a cold. theyre sweet. good ol days. so why dont u swinnnnnnnnng swing swing swinggggg travis will hate me for this lol oh and diluted dettol sprayed on roaches will kill them. spray it on their face, they taste it and die immediately! they start running in circles like crazy and then flip upside down and DIE DIE DIE! i learnt that when i was 10. also if you cut of their feelers (antennae) with a pair of scissors, they start bumping into stuff. lol lol lol. but u need alot of skill for that. only a pro lucifer can do it :P ah the good ol pre baptized days. sigh. now that i noticed the title... hen.......... cock peahen....... peacock does this mean cockroach.... henroach? why're they called cockroaches dammit? mebbe coz they like to live in the gutter :D

Monday, September 12, 2005

dirty wirty

a search for "sex confessions of arab women" on msn will lead you to my blog. that's how SOMEONE ended up here. why is it that people are so damn curious about the sex lives of women from a society that supposedly practises the purdah system(segregation of sexes)? its as if a purdah is synonmyous to promiscuousness to them. pathetic. or mebbe its all those trashy novels and movies made upon arabiam women and ish. i wonder how many masturbate just thinking about women in arabia! :- yukity yuk.
some retard on my list is continuously logging on and off, coz hes using some stupid service provided by an even more stupid site for the lamest people on earth - yes, its a block checker. find out who's blocked/deleted you. for the love of god! get a life dammit! freaking morons. i wonder what they do in real life when people stop receiving their calls or meeting them. freak alert? damn right! apart from that, hmm, i had gone shopping the other day. damn, its awesome therapy, one i dont wanna get addicted to... heh... i wish i was filthy rich... i wouldn't have minded it then :P its annoying going out tho. i mean its ok when ur in a mixed gorup, but walk on the streets o ur own or with other females and there u go... honk honk... "how much?" such a piss off. and because im not out on the streets a lot, i have a tendency to ALWAYS look when someone honks. lol. Need ot work on that. And the WROSE bit is, i actually crack up when i see some loser on the other side of the road in a merc with a half rolled down balck tinted window asking me to hop in. It's hilarious coz its so bloody stupid! I'd rather laff at it than get pissed off and spoil my day. just one of those things you get used to and gotta live with. Lesson learnt: It's really difficult ot get apair of jeans you like. lol. what else? hmm. im FINALLY gonna start off with my driving lessons. jeez. Never had the time to. i just saw seed of chucky. what a messed up movie. ive seen only one previous part... bride of chucky. that too coz some moron had suggested it syaing.. its gonna be so cool! i cant wait for it to get relased. what a waste. people who made it seriously have some issues i tell you. they are even more scary than those who wanna know who's blocked/deleted them. "whats that? a masturbating midget?" LOL hahahahahahahahahaa. That one reminded me of captainhook and his love for midgets. aight, that's all, gonna get back to research. my eyes hurt :(

Saturday, September 10, 2005


look, i know im lazy, ok? but im not like dying or anything :) so i was uspposed to have a little surgery, but had to wait for the infected cyst (yes anonymous it is sebaceous.. eeeew lol) to heal. its on theback of my right shoulder and that makes it wvery annoying coz i cant rest my back on anything. rather coudlnt until a few days ago. its not only healed but also dissappeared to quite an extent. and i guess within a week ro two will just go off on its own. for two years i dont care about it until it started to apprently GROW. but i guess the infection was ahealing process? i really dont know. i got more things to worry about! last week started of great. for no particular reason after quite some time i was feeling awesome. it felt like winter again! heh. yeah, i associate winter with all the good things. especially fresh crisp air. all that ozone burning ur lungs. i wont even begin to state what rain is for us. but hey i live in a desert, so u should understand. :P the latest addition of wooden furniture in my house is a rocking chair. my dad got it, custom made, irrespective of the fact that there really wasnt a place to keep it. so as usual, it ended up in my room. its fun to see my mom try to balance herself on it. she thinks she'll fall back. heh. im not interested in sitting on it, as i know i'll get motion sickness. i just dont understand how people manage to read sitting in one. all that rocking. how can u keep ur eyes solely focused on the words. dont u see everything moving to and fro on both ur sides. DOESN'T THAT GIVE YOU A HEADACHE!? Schools started for everyone including me. But i hate mine so i didnt join this semester. heh. My parents and siblings are seriously concerned about my mental health now. I've just lost interest. In a way. What with all the waasta that goes on over here. piss off. So yeah, i was having a great week. But life plays this weird see saw rule with me. Im depressed when everyone around me has a reason to be celebrating. And when im celebrating for no obiovus reason, one after another, people around me are getting on the low. Then i become sad too. But that doesnt quite bring back the happy in their life. So then we're all sad. lol. At 1am yesterday Oasis Center, a shopping mall over here, caught fire. Three shops got burnt. It was a typical rig insurance money gig. But heres whats retarded. Someone saying that Dubai got bombed. lol. someone who passed by the place and saw flames that is. What is it with all these people who can make up their minds about what careers to pursue and then stick to them? Why can't i do that? I've NEVER ever wnated to pursue any particular career. I mean, everyone i've come across has felt passionately about pursuing one somewhere in their life time, even if it were as a 6 year old. But me? Never. Whhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy :( Not that i really care you know. For me, money is just a means of survivial. Theres nothing more to it for me. I thrive on humans/family/friends. lol. As long as i know good humans, i'm content. Some how that culture doesnt exists here. You can't just do "anthing" . People WANT you to pursue a career. :-/ Enuf ranting eh? I better go get some sleep. Long day ahead. :) Thanks for the well wishes, but, hey, you didnt really think lucifer would go to hell alone yeah? im takin you all along with me when i leave :P

Friday, September 02, 2005


Uffh, what a crazy week. End. emergency calls from office, entertaining guests and being entertained, visits to the hospital, meeting up friends on their bdays coz theyre the finest ppl i know and trying to maintain my non existant sanity. :- Prolly will get operated on Saturday. MOMMMMMMYYYYY. I don't wanna be cut :-( Stupid stupid stupid cyst! Ive misplaced by cell fone, and i'm re-realizing how much i love my moto v66. I just do. It's served me well over the years. Back in the days when peolpe would gape at a flip phone. Never figured what the big deal was. I'm a Moto fan thru and thru! Pioneers! peoples talkin me into getting a new cell when i have absolutely no reason to! Uffh! I'm not a trend crazy teenager. Don't they realize that? I don't change cells every month. Or as and when a new model comes out. Agreed there are people who just do it, that's that. I got no issues with them. I don't find them stupid. But I am me too! Don't wanna get operated :-( Met up me univ clique after ages, twas a friends bday. Awesome. Brought the house down as usual. It's just bad luck for all the others dining when we are over. :-D We can't help being loud :-D The weathers getting better. Whew! It's not all that humid now a days. Its still bloody hot, though it gets better in the evenings! :-D Oil prices hiked up by 30% in the UAE. Hmm, thats about AED6.5/gallon now. The break even point tho is around AED8, which means they are going in loss and have been for quite a few months, and prices will increase further. Rents are increasing. Salaries are the same. Public transport buses only exist in Dubai. Whats with them? Heh guess we wont be seeing many fo those fast cars on the road now :P My office is right behind my house, i just have to cross the road! Muahahahah! No having to wake up at 5 in the morning to reach work by 9. :-D I leave my home at 9 and reach by 9.05 max. Theyre using crap third grade material in building all those villas for free hold property in Dubai. Its pathetic. The very builders themselves syaing their creations won tlast more than a decade or two because the contractors want ot maintain a 200-300% profit! And what better a way than to use cheap material! And of course when buildins are rising up at such a fast rate, theyre are bound to be compromises made. Grand Hyatt Dubai, is still a baby and its water pipes have already started ot explode. :-D It's got some awesome architecture tho. Everything is curved! And Panini has THE most YUM chocolate cakes! Wednesday night cars were lined up at petrol stations. Heh. Its the same everytime prices are going to be hiked the next day. Everyone everywhere is talking about travel expenses. All jokes too are about just that. I really don't understand why these marketig and research companies exist and why other companies pay them for research. Seriously. Interviewers (usually high school students that is) just fill up half the questionnaires themselves! Its even mor escary when research is being requested by the government departments. And the data being given is BS! Its not the Hs kids that are to be blamed. Its the stupid exzecutives who make idiotic questionnaires which no one will be willing to fulfil as they have ridiculous questions in them! If someone were to come to me with this stuff, i'd just get their number and scream at the damn executive! what the hell are they thinking! They just want the bloody quota reached some or the other how. Aight i need to go and freak out some more thinking about tomorrow when i meet my surgeon :-( Gotta go to someones house now to check out their daughter :P Boring. I WANT MY CELL FONE BACK! :-( I ca;t even call myself and find out where it is, coz i had switched it to silent when i was at the hospital. :-/

Hindus in Pakistan

Jai Kali Karachi Wali click here to read the full article
Many of the worshippers at Karachi's temples are somewhat better off, and the calm affluence of Karachi's wealthier Hindus is worlds apart. Thirty-year-old Deepak Perwani, his hair dyed red, and a Ganesha tattooed on his right arm, is one of Pakistan's top fashion designers. His quick Indo-Pak analysis: "There is one major difference. Indians can't cut a salwar to save their lives and Pakistanis can't cut a churidar!" As with many Hindus here, Inshallah slips out of his mouth easily as a prelude to anything and he eats beef, never pork. A travel agent once booked him into a Lahore hotel as an Indian. "I was pissed off. I struck out the word Indian and wrote Pakistani." Six years ago when he wanted to open a store on an upmarket Karachi street, his friends asked him not to flaunt his name outside. But he was soon forced by market pressure to put his brand up in massive type�Deepak Perwani. "There's been no trouble, not a single incident outside my shop."