Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ode to a Tree-Elf

We have amongst us a self-claimed evil santa�s elf:
"i'm a SMART elf. it takes a very sneaky mind to avoid ol santa and his minions as long as i have."
Now this is no ordinary elf. It claims to be a TREE-ELF. What�s that supposed to be taken as by a noob? An elf that lives on a tree yeah? Apparently he�s an elf that not just looks like a tree but is actually the size of one. Whatever, he's a chipmunk for all we know...
"hey! i am a tree-elf! i am tall and all that crap..a distant cousin of legolas!"
I mean, listen up, either you are: 1) an elf; 2) a tree; or 3) an elf that lives on a tree You are not an elf that is also a tree or a tree that is also an elf! And elves (elf's? im confused =S) don�t blog! Neither do trees! And I hate nouns that end with an F. My spellings are horrible and grammar does not exist for me. And yeah you said it yoself punk, you is all that CRAP :P Doe numbri jaali wannabe tree. Freak of nature. Lets just pray there aren't more where he came from :-| 04/30/05
"you are atleast as insane as i am woman."
wow, now he claims to be a she. amusing. tree-elves are weeeeeird. :-/

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Stupid MSN Chat #1:
Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: man, I need to get in touch with this chick in college, phone hi off araha hai Blahfied says: lol Blahfied says: kya ho gaya Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: bass pooch taach karni thi k exams kab hain Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: since she has all subs with me, I just keep track thru her Blahfied says: subhanallah Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: ok its all good Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: no exam tomorrow Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: pardy! Blahfied says: u could have just called college in the morning (today and NOt tomorrow) and asked them Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: Yes! Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: *Scream* Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: ROFL! Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: You're totally confused again, aren't you? Blahfied says: are u talkin to me? =S Blahfied says: in fact are you feeling ok? Blahfied says: i didnt respond coz i was lecturing someone =D Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: You are an idiot...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Blahfied says: ok, i think some dead bollywood comedians soul has taken control of you. bye. Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: My Precious Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: Awwwwwwwww Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: I need help! Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: Wooooow! Blahfied is sending a sound. Action: Play "stfu" Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: u idiot my dad was with me!! Y'all know, who we are? Y'all know we the stars! says: he was like leaving the room, then hes like what the? stops and leaves again! Blahfied says: good hahahahahahahaahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Hahahaha, serves him right! Stupid MSN Chat #2:
I've tried to go on like i never knew you, I'm awake but my world is half asleep says: btw i heard u are getting engaged I've tried to go on like i never knew you, I'm awake but my world is half asleep says: congratulations
WTH? Just coz I havent logged on to naseeb for months is NOT supposed to be concluded as me having gotten or about to get married. Sheesh. This is like the #$@$!th person wishing me. At least she put it in furture tense. There are peopel who have asked me for my wedding pics too! :-| Stupid MSN Chat #3
Omar: so i saw a girl on naseeb Omar: her interests were: Omar: gardening, needlework, drawing Omar: and that's it Omar: lol Blahfied: i wish i could do that... sounds fun Blahfied: all my plants die lol Omar: are you serious? Blahfied: its not as easy and dumb as it may sound :) Omar: I didn't say it was easy Omar: or dumb Blahfied: and why dont u try ur hand at needle work Omar: I just think it's super homegrown Blahfied: lets see how good YOU are at it Omar: what is she from the 1850s? Blahfied: look everyone isn't interested in the outdoors Blahfied: whats wrong with that? Blahfied: oh please Blahfied: what the hell are ur fashion desginers anyway? Blahfied: theyre doing the same sh*t Omar: ok fine Omar: calm down Omar: geez Blahfied: haha im calm Blahfied: but ur categorizing her as a dimwit poor desi who hasnt seen the light of modernity :) Omar: nope Omar: I have not Omar: I'm categorizing her as an old school home grown domesticated wife-in-training Blahfied: yeah had she put horticultre instead of gardening Omar: lol Blahfied: fashion desgning instead of needle work Blahfied: and some other fancy name like fine arts of the 1850's instead of painting :) Blahfied: she'd be labeled as REFINED and SOPHISTICATED :) Omar: yes Omar: you're right Omar: and I think you bring up a very good point Omar: it's not so much what you do, it's how you do it Omar: you can have boring interests so long as you do them with some style Omar: and as long as you're passionate about them
Damn right I'm right, Martha Stewart Little didnt make it just like that ;-)
You scored as hermes. you are most like the messenger god, usually in the middle of fights between friends, you can freely pass between hell and heaven hermes......92% Nyx.........83% apollo......75% aphrodite...75% herra.......67% zeus........67% aeolus......58% poseidon....58% hephaestus..50% artemis.....42% eos.........33% ares........33% athena......33% Hades.......25% which greek god or goddess are you
created with uhmm, whatever... so they're telling me even after death i'll be stuck in between... sigh. =)

Monday, April 25, 2005

I did the most stupidest thing a while back. I don't remember the last time I did something so idiotic conciously. Oh wait, I do, but hey i was half asleep... I knew I had taken the wrong turn, but it was too late... i fell of my bunk. lol. I can't believe i'm admitting that, but that was decades ago. TODAY... I'm sitting on a swivel chair... at my desk... legs folded on the chair... yeah... totally relaxed... then i decide to switch the airconditioner on... the swith on my left... above... Me being an ABSOLUTE idiot tries to raise my hand to press the switch, the chair moves back slightly. I realize its not a wise thing to do coz im gonna fall on my face on the desk... hell i knew it anyway. In fact I spent a few minutes contemplating the move before I first attempted it. YET... YET I went ahead and tried it the second time... and needless to say ... lol... I have a very badly bruised knee... aching ribs... and... thank god i didnt land on my face on the desk.... that woulda been it, i'd have prolly broken my neck... i fell on my knees on a tiled floor. What an idiot. WHAT AN IDIOT! I have a history of gettin myself into trouble i always knew my actions would lead me into. There's something wrong with my brain, it just wont understand when to STOP. Oh well... lol WHAT AN IDIOT!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Since i really dont have much to say.. not that i ever do say aything on my blog.. just post stupid things i read here and there... let's do some definitions today eh... two words... same meaning... brought to many households by the one and only CaptainHooker. Yeah, he Britified me.
terms of abuse for a masturbator
is profane slang for a contemptible person, invoking masturbation. It originated in Britain and is similar to the U.S. insult "jerk-off". Although masturbation is acknowledged as a widespread practice, the insulting properties of these terms still remain.
That's all for today. More definitions coming up... gotta pull em out... it's always good to increase ur vocabulary you know? =D

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Monday, April 18, 2005

the case of legalizing prostitution

�But these days, many in the world?more liberal countries doubt if the exchange of sex for money between consenting adults really does threaten the fabric of society, and ask if the state really has any right to stop them doing so. Even some who still disapprove of prostitution wonder, given the authorities constant failure to curb it, whether it might be less bad to legalise and license the profession. This would help to get it off the streets, take it out of the hands of organised crime, control the spread of disease and curb sex slavery and underage prostitution.� � The Economist (UK) The Economist, that liberal think tank, must consider itself pretty smart for detailing these seemingly irrefutable arguments for the legalization of prostitution. But let�s look at a few of these so-called arguments more closely, shall we? First, the claim is that legalization will cut down on violence against women � but who wants that? It�s fun to slap a hooker around now and then. If brothels are legalized, everytime you smack a whore she�ll run straight to the nearest police station. Second, the claim is that legalization will set health standards for the sex industry � but who wants that? Disease and violence are the mechanisms of natural selection in sex work. They are the Darwinian forces that remove the old, the ugly, and the used-up so that sexy young virgins can get jobs satisfying men. Third, the claim is that legalization will curb sex slavery and underage prostitution � but who wants that? Without the international market in sex slaves, guys in podunk towns would not get the opportunity to broaden their horizons with hot teen sluts from Thailand and the Ukraine. Fourth, the claim is that legalization will fill government coffers with revenues from sin tax � but who wants that? Everyone knows that smart business owners pass on increased operating expenses to the customer. Taxing prostitution will only drive up the price for the guy on the street.
[via pervscan] what an awesome analysis. :D i like whipping em too and i dont believe in taxes coz ive never given any in my life coz... i live in a supposedly tax-free country :D

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Pets, anyone?

Girl held for sex with dog 05/04/2005 15:33 - (SA) Riot Hlatshwayo Tzaneen - Three dogs were put down after villagers allegedly caught a 12-year-old girl having sex with one of the animals. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Tzaneen confirmed that the three dogs were put down last week Tuesday because they'd been beaten so badly by angry villagers. "We had no alternative because they were in a really bad state," said Tzaneen SPCA chairperson, Ranate Prinsloo. She said police had asked the SPCA to collect the animals from a village in the Bolobedu area after villagers threatened to kill the dogs themselves to protect their daughters. Mopani police spokesperson Superintendent Moatshe Ngoepe reported that the incident began as a rumour. "Villagers heard that the young girl always had sex with three male dogs, so they lay in wait to catch her in the act," he said. They claim to have seen at least one dog and the girl going behind her family's house on Monday afternoon last week and "surprised" them. Police were called and arrested the child for bestiality. She appeared before the Bolobedu magistrate's court last Wednesday and the magistrate ordered that she be sent to a psychologist. "We are expecting the psychologist's report soon," Ngoepe said. Head of the Bethesda Christian Church, Dr Elijah Mtileni, believes demons are to blame and said only prayer and fasting would help the girl. *Afraid of getting Aids Meanwhile, bestiality charges were provisionally withdrawn against a 19-year-old man from Mphakati near Malamulele last Tuesday. He'd been accused of having sex with a goat. Two years ago, another Limpopo man was jailed to 18 years for having sex with a goat in October 2002. He'd argued that he abstained from sex with humans because he was afraid of contracting HIV/Aids. That same year a Bushbuckridge man committed suicide after he was caught having sex with a hen that later died. A young Botswana man who stayed in Limpopo was also accused of having sex with a donkey and littering the ground around it with condoms. In October 2003, another man was jailed for 10 months after villagers caught him with two goats in Xihosana village near Malamulele.
------------------------- The first story is so dumb. For all you know the girl was just petting the dog and the stupid villagers just assumed there was more going on based on the stupid rumours. And just WHO the hell gave them the right to beat the dogs up? I mean, its not that the dogs were raping their women!? What morons. As for the dude who would rather have sex with animals to satisfy his carnal desires... has he never heard of sex toys? :-D Besides, I'm doubtful if animals like having sex with humans. :-/ There's a reason why this stuff is categorized under cruelty to animals. Which meaaaans.... a person can't even claim it was consensual sex, like them promoters of incest keep saying. LOL! This is discrimination I tell ya! Hahahaha.

Friday, April 15, 2005


Afridi so totally rocked today. Like, what on earth happened there. Haha. If you missed the match... damn... u've GOT to see it... just him... Anyways... 1. Favorite confession from today's Grouphug: "i raped someone dressed up as Ronald McDonald" (People shouldn't be walking around dressed as Ronald McDonald - they're just asking for it - but then again - no means no - even from Ronald. -Monkey) Read the above on Monkey's Journal. LOOOOOOOOOOL! I find this rape completely justified. In fact, it's a service to humanity. TFU No, really. Hahahahaahah So I decided to check the site out meself. 2. Heres another evul one: "All of my family are very ugly and I am quite good looking. I invite them places so they make me look good - is this wrong?" No, its not wrong at all. See, life is all about relativity. Hahahaha. 3. "Three of my girlfriends over the years have been rape victims. It really opened my eyes to how much sexual abuse goes on in America. However I now feel guilty because I don't want to date anyone as emotionally unstable as these women. I'm very sensitive to the subject but their misery didn't equate to healthy relationships. " Yes, rape victims are never the same. Neither are those who were sexually abused. Fcuk therapy, it doesn't work. It only teaches u to fake as if you're normal. You're never normal. If you believe therapy can wipe off the memories, you really need therapy yourself. 4. "I want to have sex with this girl I work with. She is so hot with huge breasts and a nice tight ass. Problem is I am married. But I still want her. Once we made out for like 5 minutes but we both got freaked out and stopped. I feel like a jerk for wanting her as I do love my wife. so eveytime I see her I go to the bathroom and jerkoff so as not to do anyting stupid. Someone should shoot me " Exactly, someone should just shoot him. But hey, at least he thinks about his wife and is trying to avoid it all from happening again. More power to jerking off. If you think its haraam, go and fcuk urself, moron. Oh wait, you, yes you could just marry her coz, that's allowed in Islam yeah? Someone should shoot me. 5. "I love flirt but I cannot finish with just flirting & after I have sex I feel pretty fcuked up. " LOL! How else are you supposed to feel after you've just been fcuked? :-/ No, really? 6. "ive come to the realization, that i am a heartless bitch, i get bored with boys way too fast and i think, i might just have to turn lesbian, but girls may be too crazy for me. so i guess im just asexual" That wasn't me, I swear. 7. "What I really want to do is get two cute chicks naked and just spend hours screwing them and watching them with each other. That's not so bad, I suppose, except for the fact that they're my sisters-in-law. " LOL! Hey if its consensual, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Or so they believe in his country. Morons. 8. "I realize this is gonna sound like one of those clich� fake confessions, but this one's 100% true. About two years ago, I was walking through the countryside with my then-girlfriend. We came by this little church which was always open, even if there was no one there. We went in to have a laugh but suddenly my gf just grabs me, starts groping me all over, kissing, etc... I didn't really know what came over her, but it felt good so I let her do it. She pulled down my pants and gave me a bj right there in the middle of an empty church... ... then proceeded to spit it all out in the holy water! I'm not exactly religious in any way - in fact, I hate religious people altogether - but I do concende that went a bit far. My confession is not that I feel guilty about having done that; I feel sorry for not being there the next morning when the people went for their blessing and the holy water... " Hahahahahaha! Eeeew! I do not endorse mixed prayers btw. Women are evul and they should not be allowed into mosques/temples/churches/synagogues. lol. 9. "I hope D doesn't like me because I think he is ugly and weird." I hope so too. Ugly people are... ugly. And weird people are... weird. They have no right to exist. 10. "I have pubic lice and put of spite I took one out and put it on my friend's bed because he owed me 5 bucks." No comments. :-| 11. "I saved up four months of my own faeces in a garbage bag. At the end I poured it out all over my bathroom floor and spent the whole day rolling around in it. The poo is still on the floor and sometimes I purposely flood the shower to moisten it. I'm not sure when i'll clean it up." Now I've read it all. 12. "I used to bang my girlfriend's hot mom. What a shitty thing to do to your daughter. But it left me with many wonderful memories." Ahem... none of you read that. 13. "I want to go out and do something evil just so I can confess about it on this website." Me too. 13 is a good number. So we'll stop at it. Btw, is a site where u can make anonymous confessions. "The idea is for anyone to anonymously confess to anything. it actually feels kind of good to know that someone will read it." "\con*fess"\, v. i. 1. to make confession; to disclose sins or faults, or the state of the conscience." For once, you don't have to feel guilty for stumbling over other peoples dirty little secrets. =) Yeah, I don't mean most of the comments I wrote up there, you're supposed to know that. And if you thought otherwise, damn, you're one stupid dude. You must be ugly and weird too. You prolly dress like Ronald and got raped and never found emotional stability again. Lol, oh all right, i'll stop :-D But before I leave, I have a confession to make too: I make fun of peoples confessions. I'm so evul. :-|


i was making my sister finish her physics homework... yes making her do it, not helping her, she knows her stuff, but is too lazy to bother doing it.. " i know it.. why the hell should i write it in my notebook?" TEEN-agers! She just TURNED 13 this year... and look at the attitude... i can see some pretty hard times ahead for me... lol Anyhow, if its physics, there has to be newton, and if newton is there, there have to be "see-saw" word problems. See wrote "see saw". I told her to put the hyphon coz its supposed to be taken as one and not two separate words. She said, "Sow hy do we leave a space? just writen them together" "BECAUSE there is NO such word as SEESAW" "Oh yeah? So why DO we call it SEE-SAW?" I saw that coming... Now this is a talent i know i possess... i've always been able to derive the roots of words... what they could possible have been derived from... but here i was... stuck myself... see-saw? present tense-past tense? now u see me now u don't? Makes sense to me... but i still wanna know... is that why they were names see-saws? And how come i never thought about why they were called so when i actually played on them? Not that i lied em a lot, coz i dont like being stuck up there... its scary... and since i was the tiny one in the crowd most of the time... ppl found it funny to do that to me... :waaah: no no that wasn't bullying, it was all in good spirits. See-saw...

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Yellow Snow

LOL... talk about creativity :D i wrote PISS OFF and sent it to my boss LOL hahahahahaha

stuff that makes you go WTF?

Who the HELL bleaches their a$$? LOOOOOOL! Apparently some people do--Getting to the bottom of an unwholesome obession read this on Big Daddy's blog oh dude, this is whack! i feel so sorry for these women.

Can I call you back..i'm f*****!

I read this hilaaaarious post!
Can I call you back..i'm fuckin! [...] On to the funny story for today. I call a friend of mine last night while driving home from kayaking up north. Anyway his girl picks up the fone. I say "hey whats up! why the hell doesnt XXX answer the fone when I call!" She replies "Because I am on top of him!" I say "What" she says "I am on top of him!" I ask "Is XXX inside of you right now?" she says "here is XXX" I say "dude are you banging your girl right now?!?!?" He replies "dude, can I call you back?" I feel dirty, oh so dirty. -K
here's the link hahahahahahaha

This Account Has Been Suspended

Below is what i got when i tried to log into the Pakistani rock band Junoons official forum today. Went there coz someone had promised to put up a link to the documentary - this is my country too. Don't go there otherwise, infact im not a regular on any celebrity website. Hmmm... whatever...
This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.
I'm really wondering... are they broke? =D Will they have a paypal account put up on their site next--support us, every cent counts :P

walter the farting dog

Check out walter the farting dog on CaptainHook's Journal lol. who the hell decides what books are ok to be published for kids?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Violence, poverty and abuse led girl, 16, to gallows

Iran Focus
Neka (northern Iran), Aug 31 � The orphaned 16-year-old girl hanged in front of residents in this town close to the Caspian Sea on August 15 suffered years of brutal violence, exploitation and torture in the hands of relatives, local officials and plain strangers, and in a country where girls are the most vulnerable members of society, she had no one to go to for help. The tragic picture emerges from dozens of interviews conducted by an Iran Focus correspondent with Atefeh Rajabi�s classmates, friends, relatives and neighbors in this humid, overcrowded industrial town that sits on a busy highway linking Tehran with the north of the country. The hanging of Atefeh Rajabi has shocked the residents of Neka, who still differ widely in their assessment of the girl, but none voices support for the punishment that she has received. An air of tension and eerie silence hangs over the town�s smoke-filled tea-houses, or chaikhanehs, where men spend hours chatting quietly in clusters of three or four over tea. In a summer month like August, business should be booming in this town as thousands of Tehran residents flock to the sandy beaches of the Caspian. But right now, the visitors are for the most part not holidaymakers. �There are lots of strangers who come and we are used to them,� says Askar, a young shopkeeper who sells a variety of citrus fruit jams. �But right now, all of them are asking about the girl. They want to know who she was and how she died.� The shock of Atefeh�s execution has gone far beyond this town. Even in a country that has the highest number of executions in the world and routinely executes minors, Iranians across the nation have been bewildered by accounts of the hanging of a 16-year-old girl. The fact that the religious judge himself put the rope around her neck and the letters of �congratulations� from the town�s governor to the judge, commending him for his �firm approach� have only added to the torment and pain many say they have felt. �Atefeh was not a well-behaved girl, that�s for sure. But do you hang a girl for having sex with an unmarried man?� asked Fariba, a girl in Atefeh�s neighborhood, who like many others did not want to be identified. According to judicial records, by the time Atefeh was 16, she had been convicted five times of having sex with unmarried men. Each time she spent some time in jail and was given 100 lashes (Under Iran�s law, punishment for having sex with a married man would have been far heavier.) Atefeh�s father is an unemployed drug addict whose whereabouts are not known. Her mother died when Atefeh was still a child and she was left in the care of her octogenarian grandparents, which meant no care at all. �She was abused by a close relative,� says Mina, one of the few girls in Neka who identify themselves as Atefeh�s friends. �But she never dared even to talk about it to anyone. Tell your teachers? They�ll call you a whore. Tell the police? They lock you up and rape you. Better keep your mouth shut.� Mina sobs as she recalls her friend�s tormented life, but many of these horrendous experiences are everyday facts of life for girls being brought up under a rigid theocratic regime that has institutionalized misogyny in its laws and practices. �She sometimes talked about what these �Islamic moral policemen� did to her while she was in jail. She still had nightmares about that. She said Behshahr Prison was the Hell itself.� Alijan, a local grocer with graying hair, said many parents did not want Atefeh to socialize with their kids, because they thought she would have a corrupting influence on other young girls. �Who can blame them?� he said, with a deep sigh. �In this country, if you�re a man and you go to jail, you can forget about having a future. Now imagine if a girl goes to jail. She was hopeless.� �I knew this girl very well and she did not deserve what they did to her,� explains a middle-aged woman who once taught Atefeh in the local girls� school. �She was lively, intelligent, and, of course, rebellious. She wouldn�t take injustice from anyone. But the authorities here equate these qualities in a girl to prostitution and evil. They wanted to give all the girls and women a lesson.� Hamid was one of those fathers in the neighborhood who did not want her two daughters to befriend Atefeh, but with hindsight, he feels the guilt of not having done anything to help the girl. �I think the most devastating event in her life was the death of her mother,� Hamid said. �Before that, she was a normal girl. Her mother was everything to her. When she died, she had no one to look after her.� A pharmacist, whose shop is not far away from the Railway Square, where Atefeh was hanged, recalls her final, painful hour. �When agents of the State Security Forces brought her to the gallows, I felt cold sweat running down my back. She looked so young and innocent, standing there in the middle of all these bearded men in military fatigues. Judge Reza�i must have felt a personal grudge against her. He put the rope around her neck and left her dangling on the gallows for 45 minutes. I looked around and everyone in the crowd was sobbing and damning the mullahs for doing this to our young people.� Atefeh had no access to a lawyer at any stage and her death sentence was upheld by a Supreme Court that is dominated by fundamentalist mullahs. Haji Rezaii, the religious judge, was reportedly so incensed with Atefeh�s �sharp tongue� during the trial that he travelled to Tehran to convince the mullahs of the Supreme Court to uphold the death sentence. The tragically short life of Atefeh Rajabi its brutal end are a reminder of the plight of millions of girls in a country where, according to state-owned newspapers, 75 percent of the population live below the poverty line, 66 percent of women are victims of some form of domestic violence, and over 70 percent of women suffer from varying degrees of depression. Iran remains, in the words of UN Human Rights Rapporteur Maurice Copithorne, �a prison for women.�


Popular searches in my network tips on kissing nokia 6230 Handsome Filipino men indian chatrooms free mp3 songs Anne CURTIS indian babes physician salaries free love test how to get your boyfriend back haha friendster is weeeeird stuff. a friend just asked me to check it out coz theyve apparently "updated". Crap. They just had some stupid horroscopes up. Who cares? What WAS amusing tho were recent searches :D

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

'Oldest profession' coming to Hungarian malls

Interior Ministry looks set to allow prostitutes to tout for business Updated: 12:07 p.m. ET April 12, 2005BUDAPEST - The Hungarian Interior Ministry looks set to allow prostitutes to tout for business in shopping malls, local media reported on Tuesday. The ministry is thinking of allowing dedicated shopping centers where prostitutes could strike deals for sex as long as they move to a place of their own to carry out the transaction, the daily Nepszabadsag said. �There is nothing intrinsically wrong legally with an entertainment center without gratification,� the newspaper quoted from a letter the ministry sent to the businessman who proposed to set up an �all-in-one� sex plaza. Hungary allows local governments to set so-called �zones of patience� for the country�s up to 20,000 prostitutes, but no municipality has done so yet. link --- wonder when they're starting one in dubai, considering malls are used mostly for this purpose :D
Come home from work for lunch. Daal chawal have never tasted better. I've never been a fan of the dish but, when you're hungry, oh and when your mom's done the cooking (lol), it's always a treat! Wake up at 4ish and I can hear the live commentary on TV that immediately catches my attention. (Some test matches going on? No idea :D) "Pakistan's definitely made it to a draw, just one more ball left." Now, I'm not a cricket fan. Not a fan of any sport in fact. But I'm willing to watch any of it if its in one of those crucial last minute phases which decide it all. One ball left that's gonna decide whether you win or lose, what could be more unnerving? :D I ran to the hall, Inzi the aloo batting, Sachin bowling. Ganguly tells Sachin to bring the fielders closer, Sachin says no and decides to just bowl. Ganguly is grinning ear to ear for him, they've already won the match. Dravid calls the teams together though. They decide to bring the fielders in. In the mean time Inzi is asking the umpire how many runs they need to win. One of course. And sachin was thinkig two all this time :D Oh boy, anything left to make it more tensed? :D 1 ball, 1 run :D Inzi hit a fouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrr :D
Inzamam-ul-Haq scrambles the winning run off the last ball as Pakistan levelled the series at 2-2 in a thrilling match at Ahmedabad � AFP
Sure since I'm a Pakistani I was glad Pakistan won. But really, it's not a big deal, coz I'm not a fan. However, those few minutes... whoa... in those few minutes I was the biggest cricket fan ever. In fact I guess I'm NOT a cricket fan (which mind you, does NOT mean I hate it) is coz I'm Pakistani. Pakistani cricket is so messed up. And I find it disgusting that the boys keeps using common Arabic phrases which can be roughly translated to "Whatever Allah Wills", "All thanks to Allah", "Allah is the greatest". And then you see them here, in Dubai, and the things they do. The same goes for most of our other celebrities be it musicians, models or actors. Oh the other day I saw some dumb lollywood actress Meera all over so weally old weird freak. That dude was old enough to be her grandad! Yes most of our singers and actresses come from Heera Mundi, the ultimate red light area of Pakistan. Can't blame these women for it. It's run by men after all :D There this dude who was born in Heera Mundi. He was raised there. And now he paints these prostitutes. No, they aren't pornographic paintings. You can hang them in your homes actually, coz they are just pictures of completely covered women, combing there hair, looking outside the window et cetera. I can't remember his name. My memory sucks. His paintings have been displayed in many countries but the government of Pakistan refuses to acknowledge him. For what he paints is something they wish to not acknowledge coz it portrays Pakistan as that which is does not stand for. As if, by pretending to know about its existence is going to make it disappear. Who on earth are they fooling? Everyone knows about the red light areas in Lahore. That same dude was once short listed for the annual honorary awards the government of Pakistan gives, however he was cut off, because apparently his work brought shame to the country. wth? The dude in question here said he was not ashamed of his background. He's damn right. If there is a man who should be ashamed, it is his father who probably does know it's his son. They always do. As kids I've seen this stuff in Urdu TV serials. Prostitutes, not quite portrayed as just that. For me they were just women who dressed garish and sang and wanted to work in the movies. Coz that's what they'd always show, some rich old man over, and them trying to woo him to get them a role in some movie, and him promising them just that. Mebbe that just is the next step for sex workers--movies. I used to find these serial extremely boring and illogical. But that's coz, of course, they didn't make any sense to me back then. Now, now I think about them, very vivid memories indeed, I remember the faces of the actors too. And, and it all makes sense now. Now, now I realize how beautiful those particular serials were. Is that an oxymoron? How can the ugly truth of life be written such that it be called a beautiful depiction? I remember a particular dialogue in fact: "Men and animals are the same, they both hunt for flesh" The common man of Pakistan seems to get raped daily in the name of Patriotism and Islam. Right, I should shut up now.

Salavation for Deepak Jahagirdar (The dude below)

Rabbi offers prayer for Web porn surfers Wednesday, January 21, 2004 Posted: 1507 GMT (11:07 PM HKT) JERUSALEM, Israel (Reuters) -- An Israeli rabbi has composed a prayer to help devout Jews overcome guilt after visiting porn sites while browsing the Internet. "Please God, help me cleanse the computer of viruses and evil photographs that disturb and ruin my work ..., so that I shall be able to cleanse myself," reads the benediction by Shlomo Eliahu, chief rabbi in the northern town of Safed. Eliahu, quoted by Israel's largest daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, said he had responded to a deluge of queries from Orthodox Jews worried that the lure of Internet sex sites was putting family relationships at risk. The rabbi recommends that Jews recite the prayer when they log on to the Internet or even program it to flash up on their computer screens so they are spiritually covered whether they enter a porn site intentionally or by mistake.
Ahem... We've all come across them, sick retards online. I know them now as the Coconut Men, lol. "u wish there was a way to cleanse urself of the smut that smacks you in the eyes and the filth that f***s with yout brain...." well here it is... the ultimate means for absolution, salvation, redemption! :D now you know what do to � just say �Please God, help me cleanse the computer of viruses and evil photographs which disturb and ruin my work..� "Of course, if God can cleanse your computer of viruses and porn, He ought to be able to prevent you from downloading them in the first place. Apparently God isn�t really omnipotent. He�s just a kind of glorified firewall. " "Overcome guilt they claim? So they not only make people feel guilty for there carnal desires in the first place but also offer to give help for the guilt they created for them afterwards? And I�m the only effer who see�s this? I doubt it but there�s still a llama-load of �blind� people out there which is quite bleeding sad." Maybe Hajagirdar should give it a try too, since he forgot that every woman in the world ain't his Jahagir. Jaagir btw, is urdu for property, and Jaagirdaar is the one who owns it. And of course, how can i forget: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

From Air Rage to Air Rape

�A 25-year-old Peabody woman testified yesterday she woke up in horror aboard a Delta flight three years ago to discover a man with his hand down her pants. �What the (expletive) are you doing?� the medical secretary told jurors she said as she grabbed the man�s forearm. �He looked at me as if he had no idea what I was taking about.� The woman identified Arizona health care executive Deepak Jahagirdar yesterday as the man who digitally raped her as she slept during the afternoon Dallas-to-Boston flight on March 31, 2002. Jahagirdar, 56, has pleaded innocent to charges of sexual abuse and abusive sexual contact aboard an aircraft and faces up to 20 years if convicted. Testing on DNA taken from scrapings of his fingernails matched the woman�s DNA, prosecutors said. The woman, whose name is being withheld, said she tried to leave her row after the assault, but Jahagirdar would not put up his tray table. She pushed by and reported the incident to a flight attendant.� �Boston Herald (US) (Thanks to alanr for the link.) It�s pretty easy to understand the role of temptation in a story such as this. Probably most men have found themselves on a plane, train, or bus, sitting next to an attractive woman (or man, for that matter), and saying to themselves, �Why not? What�s the harm? We�re sitting shoulder-to-shoulder already. That�s not rape. Is it really so awful if, instead of sitting arm-to-arm, we sit finger-to-crotch? She�ll probably never notice, or if she does then maybe she�ll even like it�� But what�s not easy to understand is how anyone would give in to the temptation, particularly on an airplane. It�s not like there�s anywhere to run and hide. What are you going to do � jump out of the plane with a parachute? Land in the middle of the ocean or the forest just so you can enjoy the smell of crotch on your finger for the five minutes that it lasts? Hell, apparently this perp was so unprepared for the consequences of his lapse into temptation that he didn�t even have a good cover story ready. He could have claimed he fell asleep too and was groping her unconsciously while dreaming of his wife. He could have claimed he had a nervous condition that made his hand act independently of his own will (like Doctor Strangelove in Kubrick�s movie). But what did he do instead? He simply acted as though he had no idea what the lady was talking about, which was about the weakest possible defense in the circumstances. It makes you wonder if the perp was as surprised as the victim was by his thoughtless indiscretion. �Oh my God,� he must have thought. �What am I doing? Somebody get me a parachute!�
Looks like he was genuinely on a high ;-) Here's the update:
Passenger claims act was consensual, not assault By J.M. LawrenceTuesday, April 5, 2005 - Updated: 01:22 PM EST A 56-year-old man accused of digitally raping a Peabody woman while she slept on a Delta flight to Boston in 2002 testified the incident was ``entirely consensual.'' Deepak Jirhagirdar, a medical company executive, claimed the 22-year-old woman grabbed his hand and put it down her pants. He told the jury he initially participated but thought of his wife and family and jerked away. But Assistant U.S. Attorney John T. McNeil mocked Jirhagirdar's claim. ''He's not Brad Pitt. He's not Tom Cruise, ladies and gentlemen,'' McNeil told the jury. The victim was a young ``attractive'' woman while Jahagirdar, whom she did not know, is 5-foot-4 and weighs 130 pounds, McNeil said. DNA tests on Jahagirdar's hands linked him to the woman. Yesterday, Jahagirdar's lawyer James Lawson told jurors she made up the assault. ``He said no, and then she went to the back of the plane,'' Lawson said. Lawson argued no one, including a Secret Service agent seated one row ahead of Jahagirdar, heard the woman scream. The agent, however, testified he was sleeping after returning from duty at President Bush's Texas ranch. The alleged victim , who is a medical secretary, testified she awoke in horror and yanked Jahagirdar's hand away with loud words before reporting the incident to flight attendants. Jurors deliberated several hours yesterday and will resume deliberations today.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Suicide Bombers Protest: Heavenly Virgins Not What They Appear'

hahahaah heres a hilarious parady of the 72-virigins concept =D Paradise, Heaven�In an unprecedented class action lawsuit taking place in the afterworld, Mohammed Atta, Ahmad Al Haznawi and several other suicide bombers have called into question the legitimacy of dozens of �so called� beautiful virgins they were allotted after their death. �We were promised 72 beautiful virgins if we died as martyrs. I shaved, I powdered and I drove a friggin plane into a building," Atta said. �All I asked for were a few dozen �Ji-hotties.� I don�t think that�s too much to ask.� were they really worth dying for? Ahmad Al Haznawi agreed. �It�s ridiculous to think we killed thousands of infidels for these dogs,� Al Haznawi said. �Most of them aren't even Muslim and some are wrinkled old hags. That lady over there played Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies.� Granny also tried to pass herself off as "untouched" According to their lawyer Carl Goldstein, not only were most of the women unattractive, but several of them didn�t appear as virginal as advertised. �I have evidence that at least three of the women may have worked as common street hookers when they were alive. That just doesn�t seem fair.� Suicide bomber Abdul Hamatas is convinced many of the women lied about their sex lives. �There is no way some of these girls are virgins. No way whatsoever. It was like having sex with a jar of mayonnaise-- if you know what I mean.� One virgin in question fired back angrily.�I can�t help that my hymen broke during horseback riding lessons when I was 13. Besides, I�m not loose, that jerk just has a small penis!� When Hamatas tried to execute her for her comments, he was reminded they were already dead. The Chief Cleric in charge of distributing virgins to the martyrs acknowledged the problem and insists they have it under control. �Look, it�s not easy, they die and we only have a couple minutes warning before they�re all like �hey, where are my virgins?� No talk about visiting with Allah or Mohammed or any of their dead family members. They�re acting like a bunch of spoiled, horny brats if you ask me.� Due to the unrest caused by the lawsuit, heavenly promises to potential martyrs will be modified in the future. �Beginning in June we are instituting a new policy that will give each suicide bomber two virgins, six women of child bearing years and then the rest will be sort of a grab bag.�

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Pakistan rights group defends female race participation

Just read this in the local newspaper KARACHI, Pakistan - A human rights group on Saturday criticized radical Muslims for opposing women�s participation in marathons, a week after extremists stoned runners during a race in Pakistan. Iqbal Haider of the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said there was nothing wrong with women and men participating together in races, and urged Islamic groups �to show flexibility.� Hundreds of supporters from the Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal, or United Action Forum, Islamic coalition threw stones last Sunday at men, women and children participating in a three-kilometer (1.9-mile) race in Gujranwala, an industrial city in eastern Punjab province. �We condemn the attack on the participants of the road race in Gujranwala,� Haider told reporters in the southern city of Karachi. The stoning injured 18 people and led to the arrest of 25 stone-throwers. MMA says it is �indecent for women to run in the streets,� and has asked the government to ban co-ed marathons. ---- stone 'em to death! stone 'em to death! they be infidels! then go to diamond bazaar and have a swell evening :D morons. hahahahaha.. indecent for women to run in tthe streets... but its ok to do the sh*t they do behind closed doors :D i feel sorry for the women in their households. KO had an awesome entry on MMA's stupidity: "One of the more morbidly fascinating fights the past few months was the religion column in our passports. In line with international norms, the govt. had removed the religion column from Pakistani passports. This caused a big uproar. The MMA was against this, giving a number of highly illogical reasons and a few blatant lies." Read em here they're hilarious.

Friday, April 08, 2005

vibes 2005

went to the fuzon.strings/junoon live concert. junoon... sucks... big itme... hahaha we pissed em off so bad... coz we took their interview too before the show... lol... salman is so crap... he doesnt know shit.. his guitar skillz are pathetic... their sound settings were horrid... blew our ears off... morons... he made a complete fool of himself on stage... ali saved the day for him i tell ya.... strings had the best sound settings.... their session lead guitarist was awesome... as for fuzon.. shalam rocks... and that lead singer of theirs... whats his name... whatever... god knows why the hell he was screaming so bad... not while singing.. i mena when he was talking... its not cool to scream... we coudlnt figure a word he said... faisal kapadia is such a soft spoken person... haha.... cute... but he had his message across but talkin in his usual tone.. concert or no concert... even ali wasnt screaming.. wth was up with that shafqat amanat ali khan... yes i finally remembered the name... someone please tell him he aint Vedder. junoon was such a let down. best bit... i have vdos of their live performances elsewhere... so we knew exactly what they were gonna do.. all the little gimmicks in between... ppl were a bit scared coz of how i just kept on predicting what they would do/play next. the conert was a bore as such... coz.... in all the previous concerts... the dancing/standing arena and the seating one would be adjuscent.. this time they had the vip seating, behind that the other seating and behind that the standing one... like almost 2km away... wth? who the hell watches a concert SITTING... the seats were al empty... and the performers just werent getting any feed back to want ot perform... there was no lighting arrangement at the back... so they coudlnt even see the crowd at the back... for those at the back it was like watchign a concert on tv... coz u could only see em on the screens... they were that far off... even tho faisal kapadia of strings made many requests to have the flood lights on... they'd swithc em on for a while and thnswitch em off... whats wrong with these brits.... were they trying to save on electricity? when strings was playing... i dont htink the camera man even knew that the lead guitarist was a session player... and not a band member... even tho bilal maqsood always carried a guiatrs he just plays basic chords on it... so all the time the camera would either be on faisal or the sessin lead guiatrist... haha... bilal was competely outta the scene. :D but because they didnt do aythign CHAWAAL like shafqat or Salman Ahmed... andbecuz there sound setting was the BEST.. i mean... not just comparatively.. but it really WAS good.. like the GORA concerts ive gone too... QUALITY, strings gets 5 stars. Fuzon was a flop anyway.. they were cryign all the time.. and they ended on the title track of kal ho na ho.... like wtf? hahaha... that was weird... not that we have any anti india sentiments... there was a HUGe indian crowd coz both junon and strings have released their music in india... just that... we're here to listen to YOUR music... not covers of sonu nigham... which btw, shafqat screwed up real bad... plus his screaming... argh... so uncool... however... SHALAM rocked! he didnt make a single mistake in his solos! Salman on the other hand coudlnt even get sound out of his guitars half the time, woudl keep messing his solos and then woudl switch to acoustic in between coz ofthat... retard... wth... does he think that everyone in the crowd is DUMB? my brothers was so pissed of... so were all those who know music.. know guitars... know sound... we had students performing at univ the day before... THAT totally rocked... its funny how others play junoon songs better than junoon themselves. Brian O Connel was right when he said salamsn isnt a greta guitarist... coz he ISN'T. Never going to a junoon concert again. Junoon ki koi izzat nahin... :D oh and salman tried to get feedback to while performing... hahahaha didnt work out.... the guy just kept making an idiot out of hiself... and he just so cannot come upwith random solos in between.. except for the ones hes practised for a billiontimes before ocming on stage.... if he tries anythig impromptu he messes it up... right, not hating on junoon.. but i give credit only where its due... junoon .... previously.. brian woudl always do their soud setitng... not that it was that great even back then... but relatively? definitely. ali saved the day for salman i tell ya.... even mekaal kept messing his bass up. heh. ppl were os bored... we were just talking amongst ourselves and just doing our own thing. there really was no interaction or rapport between the crowd and performers... in fact we had asked all those who hadn't come to NOT come.. so yeah all praise to shalam of fuzon, and strings session lead guitarist. the others can just go back to high school stage performances. more on how we pissed of junoon during the interview later... bwahahahaha!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I think I'll be faiza in the movie

i met the strangest people in undergad school... i really did... [note: stinking bastards was the english subtitle used in the movie sholay for 'kuttay' or was it 'haraamzaaday' i really don't remm now... but all we did was read the subtitles... when ever we were not ROTFL] [...] estoosh: And then later, it just so happens that chirkut was my brother and I go out there for revenge. hassu: now "stinkin bastard's" bro cums into de scene (movie part 2 is now realeased :D) new heroines for de bastard's bro ;) Winnie: yes and hasina is in lead role...and faiza is the supporting actress..;) now you guys figure the story.. faiza: faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa qaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf i aint no heroine.. i wanna be the villain.. not even the vamp... to be a villain in a hindi movie one of the criterias is a weird hairstyle.. and as u all know i am sporting a 'FRO now a days... hmmm so there :P and we know that hassu likes to EXPOSE... as we saw on Saijida's daawat ;-) so she can do the heroin or the vamps role ;-) estoosh: Bastard's bro??? Oops! Okay. Chirkut is not my brother anymore. :) hassu: me EXPOSED???? :P:P well, i dont mind being de vamp bt no way heroine :P hassu: cmon bastard's bro...u cant back out is been released already ;) estoosh: I think I'll be faiza in the movie. Winnie: haha..and what will faiza do? estoosh: Faiza will go to a bar (as usual) and sit next to a guy who starts to like her. "Hey! my name is Matt. You look very good." "Ofcourse I do. They don't call me Faiza for nothing you stupid idiot!" "Would you like to have a drink? it's on me." "I naturally expect to treat me for a drink you stupid jackass!" "What would you like to have?" "I need 7 shots of Mexican tequilla and 5 glasses of beer. But later, I will need 2 glasses of whisky on-the-rocks. And I only have black label whisky. So if you don't have the money for it, you can just phiss off!" estoosh: "Aaaaaaam, okay!" "Gosh! I hate it when people do aaaaam. Its so damn annoying. Don't you think its annoying?" "Well......ya....som..." "Shutup and pay for my drinks." "Hey! I got a room up stairs if you know....aaaaamm..." "Excuse me! are you deaf or something? Oh I get it! you haven't cleaned your ears for over a month. I thought I told you that I HATE it when people do aaaaaaam. I said that I find it annoying!" "Aright aright I am sorry. Well, as I was saying, I have a room upstairs if you wanna relax a little, you know!" "Whats wrong? Did people in school call you 'slow'? Did your mother dress you up or something? Cause you look like some sort of panzy who has been pampered by his mother his whole damn life. Why don't you just shutup and pay for my drinks, and ****off." estoosh: "Aam ahaham aaaam" "aaaaaaaam aaaaaaaaam SHUTUP! Hehe. Shutup Mr. Aaaaaam. I am gonna call you mr. Aaaaaam from now on. Because you keep saying aaaaaaam like a moron everytime. Oh! what am I saying! You are a moron! Tell me Mr. Aaaaaaam, how old are you?" "I am 35." "Your 35???? Wow! I am 23. I bet you sucked up a lot to teachers when you were in school. Is that right?" "Excuse me, I think I am phissed off with your attitude now." "What's wrong you stupid duck! you phissed in your pants or something?" (He looks at his pants to see if they are wet. They aren't) "What? my pants ain't wet!" (Faiza takes her beer and throws it on his pants.) "Hey!" "Now your pants are wet! haaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaa. You peed in your pants. Whats wrong Mr. Aaaaaam! you still need dipers at the age of 35? Oh I get it! You just can't control it, huh! Or is it just one of those days that your privates started acting up!" (He's heading towards the entrance door of the bar) "Oh why are you running away from me you Mr. Aaaaam? Oh wait wait. Let me ask you one last question.............................................Does your mama still give you suck? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa. What a looser!!!" faiza: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! estoosh: What's the moral of the story?....."No panzee ass mama's boy should approach Faiza". hassu:LOOOOOOOOL man dat was goooooood. it does sound like faiza ;)

Friday, April 01, 2005

"An Islamic Bill of Rights for Women in the Bedroom" - Asra Q. Nomani

"An Islamic Bill of Rights for Women in the Bedroom" of Asra Q. Nomani advocates extramarital sexual intercourse, adultery, fornication (sex without marriage), "pleasurable sexual experience," zina and abortion for all Muslim and all non-Muslim women of the whole world. --by Syed Adeeb click here to read the interview "Following is the full text of "An Islamic Bill of Rights for Women in the Bedroom," written by Asra Q. Nomani:
  1. Women have an Islamic right to respectful and pleasurable sexual experience.
  2. Women have an Islamic right to make independent decisions about their bodies, including the right to say no to sex.
  3. Women have an Islamic right to make independent decisions about their partner, including the right to say no to a husband marrying a second wife.
  4. Women have an Islamic right to make independent decisions about their choice of a partner.
  5. Women have an Islamic right to make independent decisions about contraception and reproduction.
  6. Women have an Islamic right to protection from physical, emotional and sexual abuse.
  7. Women have an Islamic right to sexual privacy.
  8. Women have an Islamic right to exemption from criminalization or punishment for consensual adult sex.
  9. Women have an Islamic right to exemption from gossip and slander.
  10. Women have an Islamic right to sexual health care and sex education."

First a lesbian promoting rights of homosexuals thru quotes from the Quran, which needless to say were all taken completely out of context by her.

Then a rather amusing mixed congregation prayer led by a woman (mix the two genders up and hmmm... you are definitely not concentrating on your prayer, and u can't deny that u buggers ;)

Now, Ms Asra promoting sex outside marriage, just to show how strong a woman she is, and shit. I mean sure, hundreds of thousands of people are having sex outside married on a daily basis, even kids as young as 8. But to have the audacity to preach it to be made legal!

Why do people forget to look at the larger picture. These rules and regz exist so that we can have a stable society. Once you dismiss all the restrictions, society is gonna come tumbling down. The importance of family structure--Anthropology anyone? I bet she failed that course at Univ, if she ever did go to one. Even after having learnt that, people go around promoting having children outside of marriage. Right, so all that years of research by anthropologists is just crap yeah? And now lesbians and whores are going to teach us what the actuall structure of our society should be. If it were a "mistake", it's stillunderstood. But to claim that you did it coz its your right and that you gave birth to the child because its your right, is outright stupid. The person who really does have any rights is the unborn baby. It's that fetus that has the right to come into this world. Ithas a right to its life. You're not doing it any favour by giving it that right. Ha, in fact you're just bringing the kid into a world where he/she will be labeled a bastard, just coz you were a ho. Sheesh. You have your five minutes of pleasure and there's a poor old kid whose done nothing wrong that comes into this world without a family... devoid of a normal life every person has a right to live... without a father... uncles and aunts... cousins... grandparents... family celebrations... without love. What a stupid selfish whore this woman is. What a biatch!

Next, people will be trying to justufy incest with the "consenting adults" crap. In fact, hasn't that been done already? Remember reading something like that on some stupid case... a while back. Oh well, me and my horrid memory.

And the more they keep throwing this crap towards us, the more numb we grow towards it, excepting it as a norm. Taking up the "hell with it, let em do whatever they wanna do, its their life". Only because we don't wanna come across as "extremists", "fundoos", "barbaric" and other such terms whose meanings have been completely perversed.


Its amusing how these people get so much publicity too. Their "revolutionary ideas" are promoted like crazy. Taking Islam back to what it was is one thing, but it seems people just wanna take the world back to pre-Islamic days... and I wonder if there really is a need to? Aren't we already back in the dark ages? All that is wrong is right once again.