Friday, October 21, 2005

somehow the pain of those that have died in the quake isnt as intense as that of those dying right in front of out eyes coz of idiotic humans. Sure death is in Allah's hands, but, so is it in humans e.g: murderer. Why do people forget that their actions and intentions will be accounted for one day. --BL Doctor's diary Dr Irfan Noor is keeping a diary for the BBC News website from Pakistan's North West Frontier Province where he is working as part of a medical relief team. [] [via mehfish]

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Quake rocks Pakistan, India, Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - A powerful 7.6-magnitude earthquake rocked South Asia on Saturday, killing dozens of people and injuring hundreds in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. Several villages in northern Pakistan were buried in landslides, and casualties could be �massive,� a Pakistan army spokesman said.

:- qaukes, tsunamis, hurricanes. this is all way too freaky.

On a side note, we were out thursday evening at the Ajman beach. Had dinner at a nice little outdoorsy restaurant. Sat outside under the star studded skyyyy. awesome weather too. ramadhan alway shas this festive feeling in the evenings. this year however, its quite different. and its so obviously because of Sheikh Zayed death. Loud music blaring in cars passing by while the azan was going on. Needless to say these are being driven by arabs. i am not singling them out, but htis is their muslim country afterall. After we had dinner and were walkin towards our car i saw all these arab dudes sitting on a mat, hookah on their side, GAMBLING!

Now ganbling had started a while back too in Ajman. Sheikh Zayed found out and had it all closed down. No sooner had the news of his death made public, you could see people gambling out on the streets. It's just so scary. It's like being warped back into the dark ages forcefully along with the others who choose to. Coz you are after all, living in the same society.

Even tho i've always felt that the extra piety most people show in ramadhan is ususally hypocrisy, i now realize what RESPECT for the month of ramadhan is. I dont care if you fast or not, pray or not, drink or not, gamble or not, being a muslim even if it be on paper, show osme respect. If you're not gonna do it, how the hell do u expect the world to show any respect towards your religion? And accept it or not, the responsibility falls heavily on the nationals of the country, in this case the local arabs. Theyre just making a laughing stock of themselves (heck most already have) infront of all the forigners that come to this country. And all the praticing muslims, arabs included, have to suffer the brunt of it all.

what the hell is this world coming to? hell indeed i guess.

when petrol prices rise

Thursday, October 06, 2005

my take :)

noticed how the media always keeps away from any form of positive development in any religion in the name of secularism. Yet, everytime someone ommits a crim ein the name of religion its always promoted. And the religion is always pointed at. Not the individual(s). They never even bother to point out that the religion on the hot seat does NOT preach such actions. They will however quote some [insert religion] apologist saying how they need to tame their followers, and that the majority isnt like that. Let's take rape for example. No religion preaches it, yet everytime it happnes in a third world countries its always blamed as the baranrism supposedly present in the individuals religion. Rape has nothing to do with religion! even an idiot knows that! its purely a very selfish, evil and materialistic crime. And a sin in religion. It's not religion that makes thing difficult for women in these societies. its the culture. a culture that was prevalent even before, for example, islam was revealed. That culture still prevails. And now that these block headed people are paper muslims, they use islam as a divine pretext to abuse women and other human rights. Ther eis a fine line between culture and religion and its high time it got pointed out. Islam abolished all these barbaric cultural practices, but they are more or less back in place now and, shamefully, this time they are in the name of islam itself. Growing up, I always believed that all preists and hindu pundits were evul child molestors and rapists. Seriously. That's coz the only mention i've ever seen/heard in the media is of these very isolated cases. And since thats ALL i ever get to see/hear about them in the media, it's only natural for me to unconciously assume that that's what they all are. We all know thats not true and again, its an individual thing. It's the person who should be punished, not the religion. So heres a thought, everytime you read about one evil religious cleric, try to talk about one if not two good clerics. Post it on your blog, write an article for ur local newspaper, a magazine or just mention it to your clique or even family. Just bring it up so that it remains in peopels ACTIVE memory. So that they have real people and examples to cite and not just the passive believe at the back of their mind that their relgiion is not evil. that they are not evil. the media'll most probably not publish it... coz seriously... who cares? that wont make their paper sell. And that's when you question them about their 'secular' policy. Bring it out in the open. Punish th eperson for the crime, not his/her relgiion which he/she isn't following anyway! Punish the individual and not an entire society. I have a few personal favorites when it comes to present day muslim clerics, but i'm not going to name them, at least for now, in this post. Because even tho my loyalty lies with Islam, this isnt't about religion. :) It's about ethics. Go on, spread some positivity around you. Spread the truth.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Oh, if there's one thing I hang onto that gets me thru the nite
I ain't gonna do what I don't want to; I'm gonna live my life
Shining like a diamond, rolling with the dice
Standing on the ledge, I show the wind how to fly
When the world gets in my face, I say�
Have a nice day
Have a nice day
--Have A Nice Day, Bon Jovi
anyone seen the vdo? really neat. i just got myself that evul smiley pin and messenger bag :-D luvin it!