Saturday, August 27, 2005

"How much botato?"

Met friends over for lunch last thursday at sahara centre, sharjah. Love that place. Already had had lunch at home tho. So i settled for NYfries. While placing my order this arab dude, prolly mid-30's, plump, full arab gear on comes over, and starts staring at the menu displayed. Then asks the salesman, "How much botato?" No issues there. He can call those friends whatever he wants. :P The pilipino over the counter shows him the various sizes, with or without sauce options, and the various toppings and prices. Arab dude (animating the chopping process with his hands), "Oh you cut and fry? No no, no want" LOL! NYF displays its POTATOES in a nice little basket kept at the counter. The crazy man wanted to buy POTATOES, assuming that since they are being sold in a dedicated shop, they must be something unique! I saw him lined up at McDonalds later on. And a while later with his family dining in the food court. :) Why is MickeyD always so jam packed? Then again, since i don't eat from there, i really dont care :P


We visited souk madinat jumeirah the same day we went for ice surprises. Saw this brass toad their outside one of the shops. Hilarious. :D
And here's a view of the madinat jumeriah resort from the souk. You can see burj al arab, Dubai in the background too. Only realized that after tranferring the pics. Err.. no i didnt take these.
And another one
And another one

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I've got a collegue at work with same first name. There's one more, but she's in another department. So Faiza's over at my desk, when her cell rings. IT starts off as a normal conversation on a topic i have obiviusly no idea about. She's talkin to a guy mind you. From jobs, the topic changes to the local beauty parlours. : Now, beatu salon shere have recently suffered quite a set back, especially in dubai and ajman coz, they were.... supplying girls. :-O they had hidden cameras put up. And would also blackmail their own clients too threatening to making hteir pictures public. One female with a brain actually told one particular woman to sod off and went and filed a complaint to the police. This was last year i believe. So, Faiza's on the phone and shes tlakin about how the rumours about a particular parlour were actually true. She had gone to renew some papers in the ministry of labour and the said parlous owner, Srilankan woman married to a Pakistani man, was there too. Her fone rings, shepicks it up and goe:"yeah so did u supply the girls. Good. You explained everything to them yeah? He'll meet them in the lobby and they'll be taken to separate rooms" (LOL She actually used the word SUPPLY). I wonder if i posted the article about this local who married a Pakistani dude after her first husband died. She had grown up daughters who apparently had all been raped by the new daddy and had borne his kids. :- It was when the youngest daughter came of age and the jerk wanted to lay her down too did the mother go and complain in the police. Earlier on she was too scraed of the shame her daughters would have to face and kept it all hush hush. If that wasn't enuf for me to be glad i didnthave lunch, coz i seirously felt like throwing up, she mentions to VERY familiar names. It wasonly when Faiza was about ot keeo the fone did i realize i knew those tow names. They were in my high school. Juniors altho they were way senior. :D Heck we were in the same school bus :- I'd heard a lot of stuff about them too, but, since i was in the least bit interested, i conveniently forgot. The last i heard their names was in 1998. When one of them had gone for an abortion :-D Its 2005 now, and i find out the elder sister has had plastic surgery done on her face so that no one recognizes her. She has changed her identity officially at least twice. And was last known to be serving a jail sentence. She was married to a local dude. Now unlike popular belief, most locals are poor. that coz they got no education and no skills. :-D They usually end up joining the police forces. Her husband was on one of the lowest ranks, got fired and was now working in a semi public company at the recption counter. Thats why his wife had to come out of home, to work. But she changed her face. Whoa. Faiza echoed my thoughts as she mentioned the story to the person on the phone: "Her lifes like a hindi movie! Such elaborately planned!" lol. It's a crazy world. Sigh. Sometimes you just can't thank your parents enough for raising you the way they did and for not making you do the things a lot of parents make their daughters do for the sake of money. My ex-neighbours being a perfect example. Once the woman got widowed, she talked her duaghters into becoming hos :- They hate their mother. Enuf said.

Ice Surprises

So I made this huge post. But... Its not there anymore. Do not ask why. Its a very sad story. So here it is in a really summarized for. We went to Ice Surprises. This is the penguin on whose head I'd knock everytime he'd be having a picture taken with me friends. He'd turn around but see no one. Yeah, he was annoyed. Does this bird look evUl, or does it look evUl? After the ugly pingu, they wanted to take pics with this strange bird. Needless to say I wasn't interested. Its tail, however did amuse me. And no that isn't my hand trying to grab the tail. I did grab its tail tho. lol. The stupid thing obviously only realized it when he started to move off. He couldn't. ;D and He couldn't even turn his head to see who it was, coz as you'll notice, his head was where the neck just started. The little patch u see right below its neck was a net for him to see thru. So his only option was to completely turn around. What followed was a minute of him and me going round and round. Until I finally let go, but he was still going round and round, and then........ he saw me. He went into combat mode and showed me a punch :- I showed him one too. Next thing I know, two white furry hands are on both sides of me face wriggling :S Argh, I knew who that was. It was that annoying rabbit. He'd come to save his bird brained friend. I turned around immediately and slapped it. LOL. Not a real slap. It was an air slap :D But now I was trapped between a bird and a rabbit and a penguin, all of whom were majorly pissed off at me. lol. I ran away :D I'm not gonna go on about what all was there in ice surprises, but when we did come back to the entrance/exit, we noticed that all the stupid animals now had a security guards walking around with em. Muahahahah. Oh wait, one thing I Do wanna mention was a hilarious site. There had this horror house yeah? Which was weally a horror house, but none the less, me and a friend decide to go in it, while the others were busy with some mountain climbing. My friend who was in front of me bursts out laughing while we were still at the entrance of the horror house. He posts at this little Arab boy, dressed in a dishdasha (thobe) and a gatra (head dress), wearing the standard slippers they wear. Just that, he was holding his right slipper in his right hand. With his left hand he had raised his gown slightly, his knees were slightly bent as well as his back, eyes narrowed. He was all prepared to go inside and face the ghouls. LOL. Frekkin hilarious site. I wish I wasn't so bad with this descriptive stuff. lol. again, needless to say, it was me and my friend who were scaring the ghosts and giving them a hard time. lol. We turned them into a joke in front of the kidz. I mean, C'mon, u shouldn't scare kids like that =P There was a lot of nonsense that happened before, during and after we went to the ice surprises, but like I said, my post got eaten off, and im not too happy about it. :S Oh the reason why those faces have been blurred off is not coz my friends would beat me up if I showed their faces to the world, but coz they are really ugly and hence a health risk to all those who see them. And since this is my blog, I'll be held liable. And I dun wanna get sued. :-(

Saturday, August 20, 2005

look disco, this ones about me. =P

aight so i was at a wedding yesterday. As usual, i didnt know anyone. All i knew was that someones gran daughter was getting married (rukhsati). And that good old woman and her sons and daughter in laws were with my parents when they all went for Hajj last year. Since, it was a regular boring Friday, i decided to go to the wedding. Coz they were pretty lively people. I knew id be entertained just watching then :D So i enter the hall, get greeted by a few, and who do i see sitting in a corner? ABEZ! :D Small world eh? Annoying bit being, everytime i see either of the sisters i can only think of abez or aniraz to call them out as... and thats rather weird. Doubt if theyd recognize it themselves. Since no one would really be calling them that in real life. So much for first impressions being the last ones. I did manage to force a "Zeba!" out of my mouth somehow. I did also cut her conversation off with a lovely lady. I lack social tact. I really do. Anyways the wedding got a bit boring, especially since the brides photosession was being done on the stage after she came in. Interesting. Aight now im bored of typing about this story. Sorry disco. What else, we had a rishta over for my sis. Itold him chav jokes. lol. He just couldnt believe i knew chav jokes. Well i wouldnt have if i hadnt bumped into evild. The guy had the same name as my eldest bro, so it got a bit confusing. He's kinda short tho. heh. Mona's gone for her wedding in Mumbai. We miss her. I need to visit a doctor sometime soon, but it just doesnt seem to be happening sometime soon! School starts in September. Yuk. Going back after an year. I'm so not excited. Theres some song coming on Indus Music. The slutty model in the vdo has the same figah as disco and also the same date of birth. or so she claims. =P Disco told me herself. Whch just goes to show that she actually did look up info on the model :P Oh and Disco, this is for you, that sluts gallery Me and disco are watching indua music right now, IMRadio is the name of the show. And we know someone on it. So we're watching and discussing. Bless the internet! I'm in a good mood now. And that's how i'd like to end it. Got this from Mona's blog:

How to make a BaptizedLucifer

Ingredients: 3 parts competetiveness 1 part arrogance 3 parts leadership
Method: Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Serve with a slice of wisdom and a pinch of salt. Yum!

How to make a Faiza

Ingredients: 1 part intelligence 1 part humour 1 part energy
Method: Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add lustfulness to taste! Do not overindulge!
Personality cocktail
lustfulness? =S lol no on read that bit!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Chain blog comment

Aight, i gotta post this, coz apparently it's an evul CHAIN, and mankind knows how much i love all that is evul. I also love the womankind... hmmm... does that equate them to.... you know what? *runs before the girls figure* lol


comment on this post, and.... 1. I'll respond with a random thought I have about you. 2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you. 3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in. 4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me (or so we think). 5. I'll tell you my first memory of you. 6. I'll tell you what intoxicant you remind me of. 7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you. 8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal.**** Not really, but it would be nice to continue it on. :)


[via theoneandonlynat]

She actually asked me if i am gay. Hmm. Now i'm starting to wonder myself. lol.

Beware i shall show no mercy in my comments :-P

Because i'm anal about math

14th August 2005 is/was Pakistans 59th Independance day. It is/was also Pakistans 58th Anniversary. For the confused lot, and for those who lost their scor ein the SATs math section :P 14th August 1947 was Pakistans first Independence day. It's 2005 now. So how many 14th August are those? 2005 - 1947 + 1. Yeah PLUS one. Lemme put it in more simple terms. If you have a line of people numbered 3 to 7 consecutively, How many people are there in the line? You're prolly gonna do the classic mistake of: 7 - 3 = 4. So there are four people, right? WRONG. 3 4 5 6 7, thats FIVE people. 7 - 3 + 1 = 5. =) Saadat has an awesome entry on 14th august. No its not a whiny shiny crap one. Must read, but its written in urdu. So for those who can't read urdu... :- YOUR LOSS :-P

Sunday, August 14, 2005

a dyseducational road movie

this is a hilarious flash file... the rights and wrongs of driving... :D a dyseducational road movie [via teethmaestro]

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Idiots galore.

So someone passed on this link to me. It's hard to believe there are such retarded people in ths world. yeah they actually believe the earth is flat. here are some classic threads... :P PROOF Earth is not round have you ever seen a fucking picture? China does not exist Bush and intelligent design (just the first reply lol) this place is waiting for another invasion :D apparently its something to do with the bible and the earth being mentioned as flat. or something like that... argh, im going to hell i guess... lol

Thursday, August 11, 2005

t-shirts your rabbi warned you against

this blog entry is dedicated to govinda, dont ask me why. some interesting stuff they got up there... non of that semetic anti semetic shit, please. [via tonermishap]

Whats in a title?

haloscan, wont load. my own stupid chat ka dabba wont lemme comment. me, im too lazy to write down a few lines of code. and im running late for work. ...