Wednesday, March 30, 2005

News that makes you go WTF?

Satan's image seen on shell of turtle that survived inferno
�The devil wanted us to know he was down there,� Indiana pet shop owner says Pet shop owners Marsha and Bryan Dora say the likeness of Satan appeared on the shell of Lucky the turtle after the reptile was the lone survivor of an Oct. 13 fire that destroyed their store in downtown Frankfort, Ind. click to read the complete story And satan is their blood relative... thats how they know what it looks like... morons.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

rain rain :D

march is almost over... and its still raining here.... YEAY! moist winds from Iran.. i wish the weather would remain so for ever and ever and ever! :D so we have another retard in ajman going around cutting womens faces with a blade. we're gonna be having elections here soon. elections are not a big issue here... coz the local crowd is a minority :D well of course there are other reasons. but i dont want to enter my ownblogs url only to find out that it has been blocked by the etsuluts... sole isp here... they give ahuge share of their earning to the govt... so why on earth would they let any other company come here. apparently paktels gonna becoming. lesse. etisalat also just happened to wake up finally and struck a deal with norton antivirus for their broadband/dsl subscribers. free norton antivirus and firewall. i was runing it on my pc anyway... bootlegged :D sue me. ok, what was i actually sayin... hmm oh yeah... first we had a serial stabber and not a slasher... thetalk of the town, apparently, is that these are organized crimes to create unrest amongst the public... thats how governments are upturned. if they did change, would we notice? no. there would be some anouncement in the news paper.... and iwoudlnt be able to recall the huge name of the sheikh afew minutes after reading it. however, if this is being done for the purpose of kicking out he presently elected members... thenihope who ever it is whose doing it never gets elected. imagine what evul he might unleash if he comes to power. :-| cwazee.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

of NAMES and their perversions! =D

So i call up this event management company and ask to talk to their PRO/MD/BDO, whatever it is that they have. I'm told he's outof station at the moment, and that ishould fax in the necessaru info. (email technology never hit most places in the UAE. I work at ACNielson and if they wanna send the same fax to 30 different ppl, they make 30 copies of it, so that they can right ATTN: name and fax em individually. if you tell em u can send fax from a pc, they will STARE at you as if you were speaking greek. NOW i know why they prefer goras over desis. maaaaaannnnn. i've just joined and most of the time im doing that which is not a part of my job: giving IT training to employees to achieve high cost effectiveness and work efficiency :-| i better be getting a promotion for this. grrrr. heh ) so yeah anyways... the secretary tells me his name with a heavy arabic accent: mister huuuuuker. for a minute... i was.... like this: :-| then i regain my senses and request: "sorry, but could you please spell that name out for me?" "yes ofcourse. H O O K E R" ROTFL! so yeah, Mr. Hooker is a MARKETING director. ;-) I thanked her, kept the fone down and TOTALLY cracked up. Unfortunately none of the younger gang at work was in the office and i cudlnt tell those white haird colleguaes of mine what i was laffing at. :-S Right, so i come home and log on to my forum. its just a little thing i put up while in college just for my college clique. there are times when we go back to posts dated 2001 and are like... whoaaa... i had totally forgotten about all that... yes... memories etched forever... naturally. A friend had commented the following:
theres this relationship manager, who doesnt work in our dept but keeps coming up for some work...we couldnt believe our ears when we heard his name...fu ckruddin..haha ! and everyone in our dept calls him fuc kru..hahah ! oh well, I shouldnt be making fun of someones name..
HAHAHAHAHAHA just wasnt the best day for names ehhhh =)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

the festival of colors

wrote this on march 24 its 'holi' on friday... thats the hindu festival of colors... i dunno what it really celebrated for, but i will make it a point to find out today, coz im going over to a friends place to 'pay' holi... yes.. there wil be color all over... oh cmon now... dont gimme that OMG! UR CELEBRATING A HINDU FESTIVAL! :-D we have crazy women heading mixed congregations so blahhh... at least i aint doing anything that might create zinah... i mean what the hell is wrong with that freak... we all know what goes on at ISNA.. half the crowd goes to the ISNA conventions just to get laid.... sure u can argue that hey we got opposite sex in out work place too.... but thats really not valid... coz during salah.. u are communicating directly with Allah. and ur attention should be completely on it. in fact u do not get any thawab for that part of ur salah where ur attention gets diverted... especially for those who do not understand arabic... thats a tough one.. coz most ppl have all the verses rotified... so they just recite it full speed form memory while their mind is htinking about something else... u are not getting any thawab for that part of ur prayer... Abu Talah al Ansari r.a gave his garden off for charity because he got distracted by a pretty bird flying around the trees. he watched it for a long time and lost track of how many rakahs he had prayed. that is the importance of concentration in ur salah. a bird. and ur telling me that ppl will be at ease with complete concentration on their prayers in the presence of the opp sex? it's between u and allah, bu tto reach that state u need to feel cut off from ur material surrounding when u pray... mebbe ur just sexually challenged and hence dont understand. :| im not against women going to the mosque but... segregated... plese... men are very annoying... and now everyone aint a gentleman like you :D i never did finish writing, and i dont even remm what i wnated to write..

Monday, March 21, 2005

toothpaste for dinner love this site. the author prefers to remain anonymous after several stalking incidents. he's basically got cartoons up with neat one liners and stuff. something on the lines of white ninja comics


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i've seen the GWB inbox plenty o times, seeing this one for the time first tho. the 'hi!' from waqar totally cracked me up.


I like MSN's MySpace, for a free service that is. pretty neat stuff... more or less on terms of wordpress. It's still in beta though. I like it better than blogger so far. Still testing it.

Free will or determination?

he was caught for selling porn at the vdo/audio shop he worked at. sent to jail and then deported back to pakistan. the arab owner of the shop and his son who were part of it, walked away clean by throwing the entire blame on him. he had a sister. a hard working and ambitious girl. their parents were having a hard time getting her married off. in desi land when you cross 25 and you don�t come form a family where at least 50% are graduates, the only proposals you'll get are of 40+ year olds to be their second wife. she used to teach third grade at the local pakistani school; the same school she had graduated from. she had been approached by quite a few male instructors, who once taught her and were now asking her to marry them. either they had already been divorced, seeking a divorce or being slammed one by their wives. they all had kids who were almost teen-agers. and they believed that they should marry a young woman coz she can be easily 'molded'. they told her that. the owner of the school, a good old man, very well off, gave his not so well of younger brother a job in administration at the same school. when his son came back with a US degree he was the talk of the town... err... school. they had never seen the likes of a western educated being... a school where teachers could barely speak a correct sentence in the english language, a school where the instructors had opted to live under the shadows of colonialism and racism. there he was... smart... well read... well educated... and lo and behold... he had an accent. female instructors and girls alike went gaga over him. his father married him off to his younger brother's daughter. she made for a stunning bride. she even taught at the school for a while. back to the sister. she used to say that he was her ideal husband: western degree, accent et cetera. (desi mentality. hating on themselves day and night.) fast forward 5 years. his wife and her parents had shifted back to pakistan. she was having an affair with her ideal husband. they were indulging in sex too. now there were two who were the talk of the town... err... school. she pulled out a car right outta the showroom. previously her family barely managed to pay their bills with her salary. yes, she was the sole earner. the two would always stay in school till late hours now. he would send her text messages every day with explicit sexual imagery. he'd also tell her she was looking stunning in the dress she wore today and would like it better if she kept her dupatta in so and so a position. in her previous residence, a particular senior male instructor used to live in sharing with the family. they used to refer to him as maamu (mom's brother). and he was considered as one by everyone. he oft praised her for her sheer determination and model character. that was back then. now, he sat with other male instructors at school laughing out loud as he said: yaar aik [her name] hum sub koe bhi mil jaey to maza aa jaaey. free will or determination? can societal norms of being married when your a young pretty look damsel, that theres something wrong with you if youre not, and can proposals from ppl old enough to be your father push you down to such lows? one can't overlook human want. one cant over look its strength. its the way our Creator made us. but one cant overlook that which is wrong for the very person doing the wrong. pity, hate, support, justify, what is one to do? as much as i am slightly shocked, i feel kind of numb towards it all. towards her. i knew of her. her brother and mine were classmates. it's sad but not surprising. see so much happening around me that its become a norm... i've accepted it i guess... hats all i can conclude from my detatchment. i used to wonder how anyone can develop the 'i just mind my own biz, dont care what others are doing, its their life'. but now i know, when youre bombarded with such stuff day and night, it becomes a norm and... you stop to care... its their life after all... their choice... free will or determination? i do not know. i just pray for us all that whatever the force be, free will or determination we don�t end up like him and her. Peace out.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sex and Roll

Man held for raping niece By Salah El Debarki 18 March 2005 FUJAIRAH � Fujairah Police have arrested an Indian national, Riyas Rola, for raping his 16-year-old niece after watching a European satellite channel telecasting sex shows. The crime came to light several months after the incident, when the mother observed symptoms of pregnancy in her daughter. When she pressed her daughter, she revealed that her uncle raped her after the parents left for work. She admitted that the two had indulged in sex after watching the channel every day. The general prosecution arrested the accused and referred him to court. ---- I don't blame either of em you know... in a way... i guess everyone gets turned on after watching stuff like that... c'mon admit it, you do too. Is it really rape if its consented? The girl never said she was raped. She just said that had sex everyday. Hmm, or is it coz she was a minor? I dunno. Theres a reason why Islam is so big on purdah form na-mehrams. But this stupdi world just doesnt get it. Why would they, they wanna f*** anything that moves, or for that sake, doesnt move. Any thing. So yeah, violent themes games odn thave any effect on you, role playing a pimp in vdo games has no effect on you, you dont feelangered at all, you dont start swearing like that main character in the game. Watching and playing NFS didn't make you wanna drive fast. Oh no, not at all. People dont masterbate as they watch porn... never never never. Like, whatever.

When Muslims are hated upon in Muslim nations.

Once upon a time there was a crazy serial killer going around stabbing women with a sharp object, which was later found out to be a paper knife. (I've never used paper knives but are they really sharp enough to make you get 20 stitches? =S) He went around stabbing women from the back late at night. One in a lift, another at an ATM machine and so on. Rumors spread that he was stabbing women unislamically dressed. One man caught on to him for a while when he saw him stab and run the abovementioned woman at the ATM machine. < href="">Khaleejtimes which claims to be the most circulates newspaper in the UAE and hence No. 1, interviewed that dude. The article was titled "Sharjah stalker an Afghan?" apparently because the witness said the man he caught hold of was "tall and lean with a black long beard and a fair complexion. He believed the suspect is from Afghanistan." I'm sure when you grab a person they start screaming at you in their mother tongue. There was no mention of any language spoken in Afghanistan. The ATM girl, btw, was wearing a hijab and claimed her attacker was dark and tall. Rumors spread even further: "He's an Al Qaeda trained killer" "He's a Taliban member" The word 'Afghan' was so obviously fed into the witness. Or maybe not. When the police finally did catch the serial attacker he turned out to be a Sri Lankan--tanned skin, no beard. The police (and the newspaper) claimed that the lone eye-witness recognized the man as being the attacker when shown by the police along with three of the victims. So, since three of the four victims recognized the man, when earlier they said they couldn�t, besides the eye-witness, and because the 28 year old SriLankan citizen confessed to the attacks himself, he was arrested. The third victim claimed he wasn't the person who attacked her. Here's the best bit: The newspaper never acknowledged the contradiction. They never even (or prolly just don't have enuf common sense to ever have) realized the immensely negative effect their title would have and did have on the citizens here. I have pretty upset Afghani friends. Frustrated. "As if the world doesn't have enough of a negative image of us, and especially me since I sport a beard, now the [false] claim that the attacker is an Afghan Muslim fanatic." Did the news paper apologize? Why would they? What with a largely non-Muslim, anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam staff. I am so pissed of. So so so very pissed of. NOONE has the right to stereotype a people like that. And I mean, KT? They are the most pathetic new source around! Their proof readers can barely speak English! And that's a fact! They make it a point to add grammatical errors and typographical errors into your spell and grammar checked writing. They have full stops and commas flying all over, at times changing the entire meaning of a statement. Here�s an example(a funny one): And Zafar's performance was the most awaited of the evening and the last one too. Security guards had a tough time, fighting-off female fans, trying to get autographs or even to catch a glimpse of the artists. �I got him (Ali Zafar) to autograph my shirt. This is so huge," said Nita, an excited fan. See the comma after female fans? That was inserted by the newspaper. So lemme get this right, the security guards were fighting back the girls so that they themselves could move ahead and get Ali Zafar's autograph... and Nita was just one of the many excited security guards? LOL! As if we don't have enough rumors of Ali Zafar being gay.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dubai: Pimpin' It Up

here's something for all of you to read about the wrath of tourism on Dubai: If you're living in the UAE, the link above won't work, screwed up etisluts. Try this link: Prostitution racket in Dubai an affront to Islam's holiest places: Sex In The City Dubai Style: Shame on Dubai?: (This is how Dubai is known to the World) Pathetic! Armenian journalist investigate trafficking of women form Armenia to Dubai. They've got names and pictures up, but nothings ognna happen... coz govt employees involved... abusing their power?: That's all for now :D Hope you enjoyed reading :P

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


By Paul H.B Shindaily News Staff Writer Vitamin E got another damning F grade yesterday from researchers who found that popping high doses doesn't help protect against heart disease or cancer - and could even be bad for your heart. "The coffin is pretty well nailed shut on Vitamin E," said Dr. Greg Brown, a cardiologist at the University of Washington, who wrote an editorial accompanying the findings in today's Journal of the American Medical Association. "Vitamin E doesn't help and, I think, there's sufficient evidence to say that Vitamin E in higher doses may indeed be detrimental," Brown told the Daily News, although he added that it may still prove useful for some ailments, such as kidney disease or severe eye problems. But the results add to mounting evidence that antioxidant vitamins - E, C and beta carotene - are useless against cancer or heart disease. "We were surprised there was no benefit," said lead researcher Dr. Eva Lonn, a cardiologist at McMaster University near Toronto. She noted that the conclusion of a greater risk of heart failure among people older than 55 with high blood pressure needs to be confirmed by further study. The results of the trial, which tracked more than 9,000 people for seven years, follows research released last week on nearly 40,000 healthy women showing no heart benefits from Vitamin E. And Johns Hopkins University scientists found in November that that seniors taking 400 international units, or IUs, of Vitamin E were slightly more likely todie of any cause than those on smaller doses. Vitamin E pills commonly found in pharmacies and health food stores contain 400 IUs - about 20 times thegovernment-recommended amount. About one in eight American adults takes 400 IUs of Vitamin E every day, according to reports by the nutritional supplement industry, which sold more than $710 million of Vitamin E pills in 2003. Vitamin E was hailed as an elixir of youth after two large studies in the early 1990s showed regular users had less heart trouble. But those studies - unlike more regimented clinical trials - could not rule out the possibility that people taking dietary supplements might be healthier to begin with. Annette Dickinson, president of the Council for Responsible Nutrition, a Washington trade group for vitamin makers, said the study is "not the final word on Vitamin E," and said researchers are now studying whether it protects against prostate cancer.

Monday, March 14, 2005


First the health minister of punjab turns out to be responsible for the worst outbreak of Hepetitis C is the US. He owes millions in compensation and is at the moment absconding. So, lemme get this right? He has his license revoked in the US, he runs away, comes ot Pakistan, and is appointed the Health Minister of Punjab, when he couldn't even maitain basic hygience in his own cancer reaearch clinic? I can't pity Pakistanis any further. Oh and those poor female doctors and nurses... the amount of sexual harassment they'll e going thru his hands. Second, "Dr." Aamir Liaquat Hussain (of the Aalim Online on GEO TV fame) seems to have brought his bachelors, mastsers and doctrate from Trinity College in order to run for the elections of 2002. I just feel sorry for GEO TV and all the vierwes of the show. I mean my own parents used to watch him religiously, especially during Ramadhan. And now this. A person is just left totally confused about who to trust and who not to. When preachers of Islam turn out to be such shamless liars it's hard to find a balance in your life. Third, Faisal Saleh Hayat, Federal Minister of Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas has been asked to resign because his bail application was cancelled and NAB wnats to arrest him for being a bank loan defaulter. So much for having the bestest of politicans elected in the 2002 polls. Oh well, polotics was always a dirty game. Just that,it keeps getting dirtier with time.

FRAUDS, CORRUPTION, CRIMES OF MQM MINISTER EXPOSED MQM MINISTER "DR." AAMIR LIAQUAT HUSSAIN IS A FAKE AND FRAUD "DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY". Aamir Liaquat Hussain, a Corrupt Minister, Criminal Crook and Hypocritical Stooge of MQM-AH Don Altaf Hussain, is also an 'Islamic' Preacher for GEO TV, a Faction of the Pakistani Dogmatic Slave Press. Many leaders and activists of the MQM-AH were charged with high crimes and declared as terrorist gangsters by the Pakistan Army and Pakistan Government officials.


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The Trinity College and University P.O. Box 608 Fuengirola 29640 Malaga, Spain Telephone/Fax: + 34-95-266-7011 E-Mail: trinitycoll(a) Website:


Pakistani Minister Wanted in U.S. on Sexual Misconduct Charge, Sued for Millions

Action Filed Against License of Physician

MUSHARRAF JUNTA ROBBED BANKS, LOOTED BILLIONS OF RUPEES -- By SYED ADEEB 'Pakistani' federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, son of Muhammad Ghous Syed, is a bank robber and a thief. He robbed the United Bank Limited (UBL), Faisalabad, Pakistan, and stole 241,072 million rupees from the UBL by intentionally refusing to return a loan for his Shah Jewna Textile Mills to the bank, according to the Pakistan National Accountability Bureau (NAB) . A criminal bank loan fraud case (NAB Lahore Reference No. 7/2000, Dated: 2-13-2000) is still pending against Hayat with the NAB and an Accountability Court. Many hearings of this bank robbery or willful default case of a bank loan have been held in courts of law during 27 October 2000 and 10 March 2005, but during the last five years the slave judges have miserably failed to convict Hayat for his high crimes. Instead of recovering the looted cash and throwing Hayat in a jail for a very long time, the corrupt Musharraf-Jamali Junta rewarded Hayat for embezzling public money by making him the federal Interior (Police) Minister and the corrupt Musharraf-Aziz Regime rewarded Hayat for stealing public funds by appointing him as the federal Kashmir Affairs Minister. The Supreme Court of Pakistan cancelled bail of Faisal Saleh Hayat on Monday, 7 March 2005, and referred his case to an Accountability Court. Shortly before the Supreme Court Order was issued, Hayat quickly ran away from Pakistan to London, UK, to avoid arrest and jail. However, Faisal Saleh Hayat should be arrested by the British Police and deported back to Pakistan to face all criminal and civil charges of corruption in an independent, just and fair court of law. -- SYED ADEEB, American journalist and Chief Editor of the Information Times. PML-QA LEADERS STOLE MILLIONS OF RUPEES FROM PAKISTANI BANK -- By SYED ADEEB PML-QA President Chaudhry Shujat Hussain, Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and PML-QA leader Chaudhry Manzoor Elahi -- the three stooges of 'Pakistani' military dictator General Pervez Musharraf -- robbed the Muslim Commercial Bank of Pakistan and stole 22.792 million rupees from the bank in 2000. SINDH CHIEF MINISTER CANNOT WORK AS PROSECUTOR AND JUDGE SIMULTANEOUSLY "If he [Sindh Chief Minister Arbab Ghulam Rahim] has sacked me on the charges of corruption, then he should not forget that he [Rahim] has also been charged with women smuggling, setting up of private jails and masterminding the murder of a journalist in Thar [Pakistan] in near past," former Sindh Minister for Revenue and Political Affairs Imtiaz Ahmad Shaikh said. During his interview of Tuesday, 8 March 2005 with Dr. Shahid Masood of Pakistani ARY Digital TV, Pakistan Muslim League (PML-QA) Sindh Secretary General Imtiaz Shaikh showed several police FIRs and legal documents to Dr. Masood, which stated that 'ruling MQM-AH/PML-QA Sindh Chief Minister Arbab Ghulam Rahim -- a feudal lord, rapist and pimp -- has raped Pakistani women and supplied Pakistani women from Punjab, Sindh and elsewhere in Pakistan to his rich customers in Karachi, Sindh and elsewhere in Pakistan.' Sinned Against Again The establishment's carrot-and-stick formula engenders an unsavoury and unrepresentative government in Sindh.