Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I work for an MNC which is considered to hire some of the most intelligent people in the world and it is amongst the most loved companies in the world.

Yet, I work with IDIOTS.

I have never believed in name calling someone in real life (as much as i may name call on my blogs). Especially calling someone an idiot. Coz to me in order to accuse someone of being an idiot I first have to assume that I am super intelligent and perfect. Which no one is - perfect, that is.

Yet, I work with IDIOTS.

Once I remm my new blogs password on wordpress I'll prolly start blogging there. Or I might just stick to this place - not have to worry about some IDIOT stealing my domain name.

Haven;t slept a wink in the last 3 weeks. Spent around 5 days so angry that even if I fell asleep I would wake up in a few minutes. It's finally taken its toll on my health now. I guess some good sleep over the weekend will fix it all. All of this, because, I work, with, IDIOTS


Zag said...

whoa, u should rename your domain to :P

Welcome back, where have you been? I thought maybe shaadi waadi ho gai aur ban lag gaya blogging pe ;)

So you back for good, or like me this is just a couple of post thing?

BaptizedLucifer said...

dunno yaar, got so lost between work and traffic and family and insomnia. i guess the insomnia reminded me of what i used to do once upon a time! blog silly things hehe.

shaadi say yaad aya a friend of mine got married... leaves for UK... coz the guy and his family have been in UK all their lives... andguess what? she kills her facbeook account/email account everything coz her in laws think its evil and a waste. and no contact number no nothing... complete cut off.. havent heard form her in an year! RETARDS! but as long as she is happy yeah... whether it means cutting off from all ur friends... WEIRDOSSSSSSS

Cherry / Cherroo said...

corporations don't hire intelligent people, they hire people that fit a certain mold, which is why truly intelligent people have trouble fitting in....hota hai....

PS: Your blog wont let me post from my Open ID...but I'm