Saturday, October 01, 2005

Oh, if there's one thing I hang onto that gets me thru the nite
I ain't gonna do what I don't want to; I'm gonna live my life
Shining like a diamond, rolling with the dice
Standing on the ledge, I show the wind how to fly
When the world gets in my face, I say�
Have a nice day
Have a nice day
--Have A Nice Day, Bon Jovi
anyone seen the vdo? really neat. i just got myself that evul smiley pin and messenger bag :-D luvin it!


Anonymous said...

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disco papaya said...

i want a messanger baggg!

Raheel said...

whtz a messenger bag?

ayan said...

yeah, Bon Jovi was famous and good about 140 years ago

flying cow said...

love that *smirk*

Tez said...

true jovi tune it is! though they do need to become lyrically stronger again...
and yeah whats this msn bag thingamagic?

baj said...

man, bon jovi is all over the place these days. if you lived here, you could see them for yourself.

ayan - as a NJite, aren't you obligated to adore and defend him?

Acro said...

that vdo is kewl , and yea nice site :)

Acro said...

errr I meant blog

disco papaya said...

luci, must u always play hard to get with people who read your blog?


BaptizedLucifer said...

haye disco, what did i do this time? :)

raheel - This is what a messenger bag is :)

acro - why thank you kind sir :)

ayan - ur just jealous! ha!

tez - yeah, ur right on that, and they need new tunes too, their songs are predictable. but whats really amusing to me is that their same ol style has been such a success NOW. Just goes to show how frustrated our youth feels... once again. bon jovis music is like a baptized version to the ish all the rappers and those crazy heavy metalists keep singing(whining?). it doesnt incite psycho tendencies in people. instead it leaves a positive and healthy vibe to take control of your life! thats my take. :)

desi cow - heh, love it! i had it as my msn display pic, but then tdh stole it! ufh!

and like wow, people are promoting wine on my blog, that too in ramadan :D i want some! anyone else game? :D