Saturday, October 08, 2005

Quake rocks Pakistan, India, Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - A powerful 7.6-magnitude earthquake rocked South Asia on Saturday, killing dozens of people and injuring hundreds in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. Several villages in northern Pakistan were buried in landslides, and casualties could be �massive,� a Pakistan army spokesman said.

:- qaukes, tsunamis, hurricanes. this is all way too freaky.

On a side note, we were out thursday evening at the Ajman beach. Had dinner at a nice little outdoorsy restaurant. Sat outside under the star studded skyyyy. awesome weather too. ramadhan alway shas this festive feeling in the evenings. this year however, its quite different. and its so obviously because of Sheikh Zayed death. Loud music blaring in cars passing by while the azan was going on. Needless to say these are being driven by arabs. i am not singling them out, but htis is their muslim country afterall. After we had dinner and were walkin towards our car i saw all these arab dudes sitting on a mat, hookah on their side, GAMBLING!

Now ganbling had started a while back too in Ajman. Sheikh Zayed found out and had it all closed down. No sooner had the news of his death made public, you could see people gambling out on the streets. It's just so scary. It's like being warped back into the dark ages forcefully along with the others who choose to. Coz you are after all, living in the same society.

Even tho i've always felt that the extra piety most people show in ramadhan is ususally hypocrisy, i now realize what RESPECT for the month of ramadhan is. I dont care if you fast or not, pray or not, drink or not, gamble or not, being a muslim even if it be on paper, show osme respect. If you're not gonna do it, how the hell do u expect the world to show any respect towards your religion? And accept it or not, the responsibility falls heavily on the nationals of the country, in this case the local arabs. Theyre just making a laughing stock of themselves (heck most already have) infront of all the forigners that come to this country. And all the praticing muslims, arabs included, have to suffer the brunt of it all.

what the hell is this world coming to? hell indeed i guess.


Graham Jones said...

That brings back memories.

In fact, you might like my novel:

Acro said...

no wonder such an increase in quakes, floods and storms. All warnings.

say what? said...

can we just beat the arabs and take all their money, they are stupid anyway!!

Raheel said...

Allah reham kare, Amen.

flying cow said...

all these earthquakes are a sign of qayamat. may Allah pardon our sins and guide us to the right path. Ameen.