Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Coz the gangstas we run this bitch

I don't get it. Someone please explain this to me. Whats wrong with Met. Seriously. Asking the Israelis for advise in combating terrorism. The most notorious terrorists in the world. Nice. Shoot to kill. Awesome. Go on a shooting frenzy. Kill you own people. Oh but make sure you dress in plain clothes and offer no identification. Just put a gun on someones head and tell em to give in. If they run, shoot em. they be terror suspects. Seriously, wheres their common sense gone? Oh wait, the whole idea is to not let them know they are cops eh? Coz if they find out these "suicide bombers" will explode themselves then and there yeah? So shoot em instead. And when you shoot em dead, call em illegal residents. give the description of some syko carrying bombs with him/her. And if their are public outcries, ONLY then may you bother to find out who the hell you just shoot down. Followed by an apology of course. :) Shooting a suspect is one thing. But shooting someone just coz you scare them off by acting like thugs is another. Gotta give it to Israel tho. They've done it again. When the colonialist becomes the colonized. The irony of it all is that i wish each of the officers on post lose a loved one to unnatural death for no justified reason. You know what that feels like only if u go thru it. They wont be all so trigger happy then. At least they'll prolly figure that you dont just ask someone to give in and expect them to obey when ur in civilian clothes and give no identification before touching the person. One would expect ARMED officers with the right to shoot-to-kill to be a bit more... no not careful.... but sensible. Where the common sense at? Did the Israeli advisors suck it out? Whatever happened to all the Intelligence? Can't blame the officers who shot the kid. Gotta blame the system. Israels terrorist suppression tactics work great for sure. We all know it. If its a Palestinian, shoot. This is the same shit thats goin on in Iraq too. Shoot em coz you thought they were staging a suspected ambush. Where the HELL is ur intelligence you morons? You call yourselves a super power when u cant even tell a suspected ambush from a bunch of citizens just passing by?
'"The reason they shot us is just because the Americans are reckless," the general said from his hospital bed hours after the July 6 shooting, his head wrapped in a white bandage. "Nobody punishes them or blames them." '
Looks like Londons gonna turn into another Iraq now. They said his clothing and behaviour was suspicious. Well, unseasonal it was. It's just sad. No ones got any better ideas to combat the situation anyway. The question is, how long? How many people to they shoot down before they stop shooting people down on suspect? You wanna blame AQ for it? sure. They still havent captured anyone of them after 9/11. The serach goes on. they turned Afghanistan upside down only to give the statement: "Osama isnt in Afghanistan" All right. He isn't. Apparently, he's in Pakistan now. :) Americans fighting over the Patriot Act. And now the Britons over the shoot-to-kill policy. Isn't the aim of the terrorist to create terror and anarchy? Isn't that what the government is doing right now? Increasing fear and anarchy amongst the public? Asking them to calm down isnt going ot do aything. One mans been shot dead. Sure you can say its just ONE person. CALM DOWN! But that's not the way the public mentality goes. They're even more freaked out now. They would WANT to trust their own police force but it seems to be working against them now. The terrorist, is satisfied. Mission accomplished. Whine: And its an Arabic word, its E-RAQ, not EYE-RACK for gossake. At least take out a few seconds to find out how to pronounce the damn name. It's a proper noun for gossake! Heh, ok, i'm like a bit anal when it comes to names. The world knows Dubai as Do-buy. Wth? Just goes to show how much you don't give a damn about the countries own identity. Correct me if i'm wrong tho. :)

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Great stuff. Keep it up. Your style is honest and fresh. Thanks for visiting my blog too. :-)