Monday, July 18, 2005

Some Rant and lotsa Raves

Sopeone sent me one of those islamic forwards today, with nothing but good intent. This time around it was about having pig fat used in almost every other thing with utilize in our daily lives. Now i'm willing to believe that to a certain extent since quite a few products have been banned over here, in the UAE, over the recent few years because they were found to contain pig fat and other by-products. However, there was stuff in the well researched article that was ridiculous and questionable. The research was done by some Sheikh Sahib. Oh bummer. Thats just like labening a person Tom, Dick or Harry. How about John? Growing up in the UAE, we always believed, or rather innocently assume, that a Sheikh means a ruler. We have a Sheikhdom here, just like once upon a time there were Kingdoms ruled by Kings. Later on we find out, that a "sheikh" is apprently a scholar in islam. Ahan. And now we have Sheikh Sahib doing research for us. Wowzer. Sheikh sahib says that "[s]ince these goods[containing pig fat] are being used in all Muslim countries indiscrimately, our society is facing problems like shamelessness, rudeness and sexual promiscuity." I must be really stupid. I fail to see the relationship between consuming pig fat and having a desire to be a pimp. No, really. I just don't see the link. If you do, please show me how. I'd be obliged! Oh well, you can read the article here: On a side note, going to watch soem crazy clown act tonight. heh. Apprently Europes funniest clowns are gonna be entertaining me for 45 minutes. Lets see how that goes. Well, hey, its a walking distance form my home, so spare me the stares will ya? lol. ALSO, the global Village which is one of the biggest attraction during the Dubai Shopping Festival has been extended. It will not start from 6th October and end on 3rd March. Which MEANS... I get to take MORepictures with the stilt waaaalkkkkkkkkerrrrs. Yeah, i'm OCD about taking pics with em :P Hmm, what else, hmmm. OH YEAH! TIESTO IS COMING TO DUBAAAAAAAAAAAI! WOOHOO! BYE!


BBCD said...

humm you have to think long and hard when you read some islamic articals.. with this one is obvious you dont need to think for very long at all.

BaptizedLucifer said...

well well well if it isnt miss paranoid :P jussst kidding :P

BBCD said...

grrrr yes your right, thats Miss to you :p