Monday, July 25, 2005

"Threats to UAE are baseless"
Threats to UAE are baseless Gulf News Report Dubai: A statement posted on an Islamist website and quoted by a Western news agency threatening the UAE is baseless, an official source stated yesterday. "It should not be taken seriously," the source told Gulf News. The statement was posted on the Islamist website called Tajdeed that belongs to extremist Saudi dissident Mohammad Al Masaari on March 18, the source said. The statement, signed by an unidentified individual, warns the UAE to expel foreigners within 10 days. It was picked up however by a Western news agency yesterday. "Our preventive measures are there to ensure security and stability," the source added. "Such baseless statements are only meant to confuse authorities. They are absurd and have no value."
Well, Indias most wanted criminal, Dawood Ibrahim's daughter just got wedded to Miandad's son on the 24th. So there. Hmm, I wonder who this official source is. And is he/she so damn scared that they mght come and bomb his/her home if his/her name is published? All it shows is uncertainity from the person itself. Oh I cant tell you who i am, altho i AM the government. Seriously, who's official source was it nayway? the police? the miliatary? or the awesome information ministry we have here? Reminds me of Saddam's Info Minister, heh. One isnt even allowed to peacfully revolt on the streets here, so we cant even tell these morons that we aint scared of em. And how can you, when your owngovernment denies the very existance of any imminent threat. The UAE is such a ripe target for them at the moment. I wonder when the US/UK military is stepping in to help us protect the UAE, since they ae so much more experienced. Disgusting.

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