Saturday, August 27, 2005


We visited souk madinat jumeirah the same day we went for ice surprises. Saw this brass toad their outside one of the shops. Hilarious. :D
And here's a view of the madinat jumeriah resort from the souk. You can see burj al arab, Dubai in the background too. Only realized that after tranferring the pics. Err.. no i didnt take these.
And another one
And another one


Zaza (random browser) said...

nice pics - really lovely!
whos 'we' in the first line?

saeed said...

wow-now just why didnt they have this 5 years ago??!!

BaptizedLucifer said...

zaza - we is me and my friends of course. :)

saeed- u can always come over and visit :P

mehfish said...

nice pictures; hadn't realized Dubai had changed that much ... looks gorgeous

BrainSyke said...

That brass toad reminds me of that toad chocolate from Harry Potter

BaptizedLucifer said...

dont read/watch harry potter. grow up BS :P

mehfish - dubai has changed leaps and bounds since u left luv. :) dubai has THE night life. sigh. nothing to do here otherwise. pretty boring. damn, that reminds me of how long uve been gone! :(

BrainSyke said...

btw: good pics!