Thursday, February 03, 2005


there are just two color schemes i use.... PASTEL PINK/WHITE/GREY combo... OR BLACK/somecolor combo. Talk about extremes. ^^ I prefer lighter colors tho, they are easier on the eyes... especially for a site thats all about READING... common sense eh? And for a BLOG!?.. god forbid, why'd i make this black? Well... a name like lucifer in PINK would make the damn thing look gay! I mean... pink satan? hahaha... =S its all too dark... I'm bumping into the same "cool" people i've bumped into on the web elsewhere. I guess... the number of "cool" people really is limited. The same ones keep bumping into each other everywhere... or wait... mebbe i just need a life... and stop crwaling on the net all the time. Hmm... listening to nirvanas version of lake o fire.. :-|

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