Sunday, February 06, 2005


Finally blocked by etislut :-D Oh, thats etisalat for you. Orkut was blocked even before i knew it existed... coz.... its a dating site. haha i guess they blocked off naseeb coz of all the anti-islam and other versions of islamic believes and practices that were posted on it and discussed. nomads to the core. the jahalat in them hasnt gone. they believe in dictatorship. convert by force, irrespective of whether they believe or not. hyporcisy isnt an issue to them at all; forced loyalty is. stupid baddus. why does friendster still work? i mean u can post all kinds of pics there... and that is definitely a hook up joint and it doesnt even have a muslim label. all the pilipinos i know are on it. haha. they be so cute. =) guess etisalat loves philipino's more =( death to the etisluts. *end of transmission*

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