Tuesday, February 08, 2005

One thing i love about dubai: there's a ladies day for almost every event! :-D Some dude just told me a while back that the enite concept of ladies only is "gay" I beg to differ on both social and religious grounds. altho they are almost the same. What ever happened to the days of guys hanging out with other guys? saturday nights? i've grown up seeing my elder brothers hang around with their "buddies". Enter grad school and all of a sudden its GAY for a guy to hang around with guys. You'll hear the: "guys are boring", "guys are stupid", "guys are khwar" as their pretty much finit list of pretexts. While girly get togethers are always veyr lively, full of colors and tends to bring on a sense of exite,ment just thinking about it amongst the girls... guys just give the: "WHAT? What are we gonna do with no girls around? That'll be so damn boring!" Now, I, to be very frank, find THAT attitude gay. Not man enuf to hang around with other men? Hanging around with females and not feelng challenged? Right. So this has nothing to do with metrosexuality mind you. It's all good if not overdone. We label women who do it as chamakchallos(loi) and even sluts. Men who overdo it just get labeled gay. Sorry, but that's that! :-D That veru friend who said ladies day is a gay concept was at a new years bbq where it just so happend that all the girls backed off. So it was... a guys only... event! :-D And guess what, he said it turned out to be pretty neat. "Who needs chicks..." Well these young lads are sharpening their skills on picking up girls by readong stuff like David DeAngelo, i feel theyre just losing the ability to communicate with other men. They are infact just turning into malfunctioning blobs of tetosterone. And something is just so not right about that. :-/ In highschool, during my chem A levels class, we were discussing the retior of boys to girls in our class (there were two batches for chem) and how our instructor had divided us. His theory was that senior classes shoudl always be mixed because "boys are rascals. they are animals. and without the presence of girls they will never learn to behave." Been thru universoty and all i can say is that whenever its a mixed gathering, all u will here are lame sexist jokes... and of course ur best friends making it a point to make sure that their friends of the opposite gender bring that guy/girl ur interested in. It just gets s t u p i d after a while. I know one thing for sure tho. Co-ed colleges/universities definitely help us understand the "issues" of the opposite gender better. We're so easy on labeling each other a chauvinist or capricious. No need ot think twice. But when ur spending literally four years of ur life with them, u tend to learn to judge better for u share and understand better. it's an understanding that could NEVER come without co-ed. But... if we dont mind a female only gathering, then why should u have an issue with it when ur allowed to go to the global village on the 6 remaining days of the week? It's like FORCING women to believe that it is backward and rather unfair on them to have a women only day thrown in by the supposed chavinistic organizers. Just to let you know, no matter how many centuries pass by, we still remain women, u still remain men, and nothing can change our intrinsic selfs. Nothing; no amount of media. All the media can do is to make you live in denial and forget the basic tenents of ur culture/religion and the very purpose of those. Of course, when u refuse to think over the purpose you consequently defy the related tenents. I just find this entire hubaaloh guys create the minute they hear 'girls only' rather disgusting and annoying. Have a sex change and you can come along too if u love our company so much. And if ur man enuf, just remember, we're women enuf too. And you can't take out right to be a woman away from us. Try as you may. I wonder how many of these i-believe-i-am-a-liberal-desi men will let their own daughters bring in boys without labeling each one of them boys a jerk, brat, loser, good for nothing rascal. Oh wait, its all cool as long as it is outside the house... right? As long as u dont bring them home. right, there just no specific purpose to the baqwaas above, pretty incoherent too. But, i had a blast this monday. i actually SAW the global village. I saw things i never noticed in that crowd earlier. It's impossible. All your thinking is: I WANT TO GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE! Sure, GB has hykedup prices, but u definitely can't shop anyway in all that rush, there isnt place to stand! And why would all those people want to come everday to see the same stuff again and again? I dont want to go the second time even, coz, it gets boring... who wants to see the same stuff again? Oh wait, they are here to check out the girls? Whatever.. . I was on a shop till you drop spree yesterday, my first ever attempt at house shopping on my own. Mom actually approved of it when i showed her... which means... i passed! haha! :-D this time round i made those stilt walkers STOP and had pics taken with em.. haha.. i always wanted to snap em! i'm not too sure if they were happy with it, coz after my stunt, there was a huuuge bee line to have pics taken... what were they waiting for all this time? for faiza to step in and stop em? :-D It's a festival for gods sake... its all about fun! give them stilt walkers a change too, im sure theyre sick of just walking everyday! :-D the oneson muraqqabat road are awwwwwwwwwwwesome Gotta check out naif souk now... or whatever it's called... I'm wondering tho... the saudi pavillion... the first time i went... they had their traditional dance going on... men only of course.. just the duff playing... but this time... they had other intruments (dont they consider them haraam?) and they were doing their traditional thing (isnt it all haraam according to them?)... and they were surrounded by hottie arabs taking pics with their cell fones... (isnt that haraaaaaaaam?!!!) haha... i just didnt get it... :-/ the lebanese pavillion had belly dancers... wo0t! :-D oh and the pakistani's were the smartest... coz they are the only ones whove put up a "valentines day special" stall in the pavillion when feb started... cashing in on valentines ehhhh... oh and to all those recent addicts of naseeb who didnt really celebrate an year on naseeb like me... HAHAHAHAHA... tuff luck... this is what happens when u geton the bandwagon so late... u addiction never reaches its zenith and hence never declines... me.. i'd deactivated... :-D i dont like em abcd's.. theyre annoying. tfu :-D can we refer to blog entries as BE here? Since it is blogger... of course if u call ur web log ur journal then.. JE it is..

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