Thursday, February 03, 2005


This is ridiculous i tell you. Why would someone who already has a site, runs five different forums, has a bazillion active blogs, want to come back to blogger? I mean why blogger when i can code my own blog? No! I dont know the answer either! Oh wait, i do. Haha. Just fascinated by this lot. Bumped onto one persons blog thru, landed up on a page with links to tons of pakistani bloggers, and there i was, a happy blog READER again :-D Yes i'm stupid like that :-P Yea yea, so i'm in the UAE, a country stuffed with desis, a country MADE by desis, but i'm selective. every desi i come across doesnt impress me all too much u know. my mom and sisters think im a horrid hag who hates on people she dont like. i dunno? i'm not an apologist. why keep company u dont like, only to go and bitch behind em? thats just sad. :-| Sue me :-P So an adorable ULLU dropped by, and i dunno how, did i really leave this addy off somewhere? ::shocked:: Coz, im just messing with the layout. :-P It's past 4pm and my mom's screamed at me thrice to go have lunch. Do i ever listen? Why won't she just give up? :-D Do i believe in syntax and grammar? Isn't the answer obvious? :-D

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