Friday, February 04, 2005

death to spam

I worked so hard on the college portal. The main site, the student govt site, the lecture blogs, the many sites run by students... hours and hours and HOURS of hard work... and then came a hacker... :-( yes there were backups.. but they were so HUGE, we'd just leave em on the host. our emails got flooded with spam. Needless to say it was all porn. ARGH! That was supposed to go on my god damned portfolio! Damn you hacker uncle! The moron even left a message on the main page: SORRY YOU HAVE BEEN HACKED Anyhoo, I was on a friends site today, and hers had been hijacked by porn spammers. I couldn't stop laughing. She was all red I'm sure sitting in her room while I kept on pasting the comments she had on her tagboard into our msn chat.
El 1*beep*2 Licker: you are gay. great sex last night tho. hit me back.. I love using you!.. evan as a last resort! ~teresa!!
Anand: hi I am Anand from India age 23 male am professional webdisigner Can I see you please bye
El 1*beep*2 Licker:Loved the humpydunk last night, Hard fucking core. like... our strap on. Yay. too bad I forgot to pay you this time.. you just couldn't cut it as well as you used to. ta ta love
HAHAHA! Not just that they had RUINED her files so no one could post/delete/modify comments. They even left their respective urls to their darned porn sites(almost an oxymoron had it been respected ;) WHY!!!!!!? The other day my firewall betrayed me. I got all sorts of spyware into my PC. So when I put up my 84783974823648237th blog on blogger, and entered the description as "feel analyze express" it turned the anal in analyze into a link! Do NOT ask me what it linked too. Grr... My hotmail account got hacked once. Was using a public terminal like an ediot. Those damn keyloggers. The next day at college a friend I was talkin to cut of the convo saying: "yesterday there was someone on my list with the nick 'come and fcuk me'. I tell the kid I couldn't be bothered! I come home... and all of a sudden it dawns unto me... was he talking about ME!? I checked my mail at SCHOOL yesterday! I log onto msn and hahaha... it WAS me... I knew there would be more... so I log into my profile and a wonderful signature had been put up too... sigh. Fortunately during those very days, hotmail was being a pain and wouldn't let you change your password. Hence them damn "hackers" couldn't change it either... :-D to all the bad hackers in the world: GET A LIFE! Everyone isn't so low life as y'all. I HATE SPAM. I belong to the spammers club on naseeb tho, we spammed a journal entry upto 60k comments. Haha. Oh course the owner of the JE was leading in the spamming. We came up with spam lines like: spam to hona hi tha, adidas: all day I dream about spamming, papa kehtay hain bara spam karay ga, spam kiya to darna kya... hmm there were better ones, but I cant recall :-D Back then used to list the top three most active je's (base don number of comments). But after our hijack attempt, they changed the concept and made je's with the most amount of users commenting as most active. We went around telling the whole of naseebia that we broke the naseeb counters :-P that was FUN spamming. Oh and before I forget, I broke all boundaries and spammed the CEO of naseeb! Haha! Everyone was like nooooooooooooo if we spam THERE he's gonna kick us out.. knew he wouldn't... and he didn't :-D I deactivated the next day as I had intended to and rumor spread that I had been kicked out for spamming. My sister comes home from work, usually she drops on her bed, but that day she hurries to the room and asks: Why isn't ur profile working? Me: Coz I've deactivated it? She: deactivated or...? ME: Deactivated! Coz I was bored, and I wanted to leave with a bang.. I mean spam... ;-) She: Well someone told me you spammed Monis (CEO of naseeb) hence you got kicked out. ME: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! Whatever... u and ur friends... LOSERS! The next day I reactivated, laughed at all the ediots who thought I had been banned and deactivated again :-D There's NO stopping the Faiza! temme ur hijack|hack|spam stories/attempts :-D if you got any :-D or mebbe ur just not popular enuf? :-P Thank GOD blogger has a spellcheck! loi loi? thats laughing out inside. coz seriously, how many of u are actually laughing out LOUD when u type lol? ur definitely laughing out inside tho... hence LOI when ur not realy going BWHAHAHAHAHAAH :-D ¤ ¤ ¤

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