Friday, February 25, 2005

Pakistani Idol

a friend works for a newspaper here. he went to the pakistani paviollion in the global village last wednesday so he coudl interview ali zafar, ahmed jahanzeb and abrar ul haq who were here for a concert. Every year we have celebrities entertaining on the pak pavillion. last time noori was the crazy. ali zafar couldnt make it. now i know why... so rumourville has it that ali zafar is gay. haha. anyways... coudlnt be bothered... so my friend is interviewing him and he asks him about his love life. Zafar says: "Well.. i do like girls" lol, looks like he's heard the rumours too. Hell with that. Heres what i really wanted to say. Some Arab chick comes up and asks them to stay back for a party she's having in her farmyard. Ali Zafar and Ahmed Jahanzeb immediately have their tickets cancelled =D Not just that Zafar says: "As long as there are virgin chicks there for me" Now, i know why she asked them to come over. It's nothing new for the rich ppl here or anywhere else, be they arabs, pakistanis, indians or white (yes thats in inconsistant list) They want the thrill of getting that which is unattainable to others. "I can get you the hottest pak celebs. You can do them as u like" That's there mentality. They dont talk about it later on. It'snothing big for them. You might however catch them saying: "Who? Oh him/her... yeah he/she's a ho, he/she comes for free... just ask em to" Oh, btw,, abrar being the good chap he is, was obviously not a part of this shit. He left with the flight scheduled by the organizers. Hmm.. Why am i writing this? No, i don tcare about celeb lives... i know what they are like.. and its futile to follow their lives coz.. u only end up being disgusted... its just that... i dunno if im angry or sad.. but our stupid desi youth idolizes them... and i guess thats the prob with our nations youth... wheres the will to do ahead and do somethign on ur own... why are they always looking for a "leader" to guide them... why can't we americanize them on these things. and no, drugs, booze, women isnt an effect of westernization.. it was always there in our society and don't u dare try to teach me otherwise.

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