Friday, June 17, 2005

It took all the strength I had Just not to fall apart I'm trying hard to mend the pieces Of my broken heart And I spent oh so many nights Just feeling sorry for myself I used to cry But now I hold my head up high i love this version of the song by Cake. If oyu havent figured out asyet, its I Will Survive. It was playin on MTV and i just HAD to d/l it. Awesome track this one... by Cake of course. It's my fave version of the song. Weird day. A friend announces that she and this other guy we knew have been dating for 9 months now. Hey we respect privacy. And prefer things to be announced when one is sure themselves. But, someone i just cant get this to settle in my head. I just can not imagine the two of them together. I dunno. Theres nothing wrong with the guy. But... Oh maan... shes such a sensible girl.. awesome... so i know she'll make the right decision in this case... but somehow i just cant figure how it works out.. god... i hope it works out fine all the way. I tol her out loud that she was BSing and "you and her HAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT ITS HAPPENING!" Oh god. I've never felt THIS way before. And its disturbing me a LOT. I get bugged when i cant figure it out right or cant see the logic behind it. And thats whats happened here too. He was with us for a few semesters here, then he transferred of to the US.. and thats when he proposed her on his bday.. whatever... so from all the tim ethat we spent with him he .. i mean... omg... i just hate this.. im about ot get a headache... i just wanna scream out loud and tell the girl shes outta her mind... but i know its me whose actually outta her mind. I just hope i can contain this to myself until i sort it out... i've already told her tho that... its gonna take me sometime to settle with this... i'm glad shes the sort who keeps her private life private... and im SO glad hes not in town right now... coz it would have been MAJORLY weird. Guess i'm just too protective of her and never saw him as the best thing possible for her. No where close to it. can see them cracking jokes the whole day together... but in love? that sound slike a bloody joke in itself. Sure... now ppl are gonna og on with all the "you fall in love with the person u least expect urself to" i know all that ish dammit. i just did not see them fall in love... which is why it seems so weird i guess. argh whatever funny how when told to guess this other friend of mine immediately took that guys name. I looked at him and laughed. I seirously thought he was joking. HE on the other hand was serious and said he ALWAYS knew there was somethign going on (when, back then, there really wasn't anythign going on. except that heliked her and we all knew it) WHEN AND HOW THE HELL DID SHE FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM! Lots of CRAPPY stuff happened today but im not gonna rant abotu any of this. Useless stuff. This on the other hand is about a erson i really admire, respect and love. Her happiness i always pray for. Her happiness i believe is DESERVED coz of the very person she is. BUT... $%$@%*@%(@$))$ @#$@#!$#!$$$DERGRE* T$TG ' tgvmgfit4uw58 us4epk4'dY% 5tY%^$ RG br5eyg BFRY%E %&Y DFTGF 45e u7yFDYhfc r5d AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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