Friday, June 10, 2005

The wedding(rukhsati) was awesome! Got some killer pics of the bride. They dont get any cooler than Abez I tell you! Crayon flew in all the way from Holland! And it was her sons bday too. She'd brought the 1 year old along with her. Somehow the conversation drifted to yesterdays date and the next thing you know crayons all excited--"omgomgomgomg its his bday!" haha. too bad we couldn't sing him a bday song coz he has JUST fallen asleep. Sure did totally exhaust his mom off. :) Too bad she isnt staying for long tho. Leaves tomorrow if i'm not mistaken. The friend ofOWl all the wya in form Chicago is staying over... so... thats neat :D Met knicq's wife and adoooooooraaaaaaaaaaaable kidz. Wifey is really quite and shes always smiling. :-D Guess that balances off the talkative hubby. Ok, im too tired to go on any further... lol Just read up when Owl updates. I need sleep! :-| I got candy in this :-D chuwaray as we call em back in desi land :-D

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