Sunday, June 12, 2005

The jaahils who'll ruin my balouchistan

Yeah, MY Balouchistan. MY Pakistan. So i got this email a few minutes after i posted my comment on in my previois entry. I type their url, they track it down and then comes the hate mail. This dude didnt even have the guts to comment on my blog directly for the whole world to read. Coz like i mentioned, they dont have an argument. Sadly, they still dont get the point. I didnt post it coz i hate them. I posted it to let them know that if u cant reason out ur actions.... if your so called feudal leaders whom u worship as demi gods can give u a proper political structure for independant balouchistan... u know ur on the wrong side. For the sake of ur own people, wake up Balouchis. Send your kidz to school.
From : punjabi kus killer Sent : Saturday, June 11, 2005 8:40 PM To : Subject : [Baptized Lucifer] 6/12/2005 12:40:35 AM long live independent balochistan fuck all off you pakistani punjabi madarchodo twadi maa nu lun q(-_-)p -- Posted by punjabi kus killer to Baptized Lucifer at 6/12/2005 12:40:35 AM
if these corwardly people with pretty much a jaahil attitude i still say (hey he did swear at me) are the one's supporting independant Balouchstan, then its going down the drain for sure. lol. If there is going to be another Mohhammad Ali Jinnah, its going to be each and every memeber of the common mass, and NOT any political/feudal leader. So you, my hater, can hate us punjabis as much as you want. I on the other hand will love every single inch of my countrys soil. I have been and will do all i can to use all the blessings Allah has bestowed me with, including literacy and education to help whoever i can in my country. Unlike you. Bringing websites down like little kids. Couldn't fight back like a true balouchi could u? :-) Hell i so pray the world doesnt see you, my hater, as a representation of the average Balouchi, because you, are somewhere down in the lowest categories of humans. Someone who defends himself by swearing. :-) I kniw i'm wasting my time posting this, coz now im gonna get spammed by "u punjabis are @#!@#$#$!@" when you don't even know if i'ma punjabi or not. Hell you guys on balochinity were actually labeling REAL Balouchis as Punjabis just coz they asked you, "What do we do after independence?" Don't have an answer to that do you? Oh wait, you're actually expecting ur feudal lords to set up schools and industries for you? so that u go to offices and not till their fields? Keep dreaming. I do pray that you wakeup tho. You call yourself a patriotic Balouchi, i see u as balouchistans worse enemy. And if you hate Pakistan so much, LEAVE dammit. Hell do you want the punjab army to throw you out? Do you have a problem with that too? That punjabis control the army? Well, thats coz we send our men to the army. Pull up enuf guts and send yours too. And next time round, have the guts to post on my blog to let the whole world know your true colors. Or are you too scared of an educated crowd? :-| Allah hi bachaey meray Balouchistan ko. Meray Pakistan ko. I never bother myself with ppl who swear. They arent worth it, But i think of the people in balouchistan and it kills me to see that its being runs by jaahils like these. We dont want such ppl representing Pakistan. Hell we dont want such people representing Muslims either. You just haven't reached that standard yet. For a change argue back instead of swearing. Even a parrot can be taught to swear dude. :-) Just oe mor ehting haters. Next time dont swear at me in Punjabi... try Balouchi for a change... or are u too ashamed to use it? :-| Besides i dont understand punjabi gaalian. :-)

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