Friday, June 10, 2005

Mukhtar Mai: "Justice means those who raped me should hang"

Releases ordered in rape case Twelve men imprisoned in connection with one of Pakistan's most notorious rape cases must be released by Monday, a court has ordered. * 2002: Six men sentenced to death, eight acquitted * March 2005 - Lahore high court acquits five men, and reduces death sentence on sixth to life in prison * March 2005 - Sharia court suspends Lahore high court decision * March 2005 - Prime Minister Aziz orders re-arrest of four of the accused * March 2005 - Punjab government arrests 12 men originally implicated in case * June 2005 - Lahore high court says 12 men must be released Congratulations Pakistanis! Once again our countrys effed up feudal system has shamed us to extremes. Mukhtar Mai was raped infront of the entire village and yet the law can't figure who raped her? won't blame the courts tho. who ever resists will be killed. im so pissed. im so very pissed off. isn't it high time overseas pakistanis put some pressure? For those who do not know the Muktar Mai case, here's a brief up:
Mukhtar Mai was gang raped on the orders of a tribal council, called to settle allegations that the influential Mastoi clan in the area had levelled against her brother, Shakoor. The Mastois had alleged that they had seen the 12-year-old Shakoor in the company of a Mastoi woman. This, they said, had brought shame to the entire clan. The council then allegedly ordered the rape of Mukhtar Mai to avenge the wrong that her brother had been accused of committing. It was later found in a conventional court that the story against Shakoor had been fabricated to cover up a sexual attack against the boy himself. The three men who attacked him were imprisoned for sodomy. Their convictions still stand.

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