Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm invited to Abez wedding! Yeay! So much for climbing Jabal Hafeet on Thursday. Oh well the week after. Got a Desert Safari lined up too. :-D Dirty Dan wants to join the girls on Safari. I told him he could if he dressed as a drag. And he said he would! Ufffh. Mona wants to go on a ferris wheel. This ones different. The cabins are air conditioned! So we're going on that tomm. If you've ever been on one... you know how freaky it is to be up there. Heights like that scare the living hell outta me, but im still going. Roller coasters almost kill me but i still ride em. ALl the while my eyes are closed and i'm praying the damn thing wont fall. I know it won't. But... heh =) On the contrary, my youngst sister whose just 13 loves to sit right in the front. Craaaaaazzzzyyyyyy. So i finally got a power supply for my desktop. My bro stole mine after my sis busted his pc's power supply. Was going thru univ pics... damn... i miss school! :-( I have like hundreds of pics taken of every other day at school! Being the lazy bum I am i ordered my youngets bro to fix the power supply, since he took mine out in the first place... i had to keep an eye on him, coz he keeps stelaing my RAM... lol... budtameez... somehow he thinks... i'll never figure... wth... im a CS major! God! Anyways... so i was just looking at him fizxing the power supply when a reality that used ot once put a smile on my face hit me... he resembled his late elder brother so much. :-( Killer. Weird story of the day is about me too. lol. Somethings wrong with my guts. :-| I think theyve gone whack. Coz seriously... i've been hogging myself up but i feel as if i havent eaten in ages! It's crazy. I mean I woke up at lunch time today (coz i slept after fajr) and i had a cup of tea, french toast, pulao and shaami kabaab! Yes breakfast an dlunch together. An hour later i'm dying of hunger.... so i stuff myself up again with alaa balaa. I have a HEAVY dinner... and an hour later i'm having a Whopper. Been two hours to that... and i'm so damn hungry again! WHERE THE HELL IS ALL THE FOOD GOING!!!!! :-( It just dissappears in my tummy. :-/ This is freaky. It's been like this for a week now... ever since i had COFFEE... damn thing gave me a high bp and ive been all dizzy since then. Weird. Ok, tata! lol

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