Thursday, March 24, 2005

the festival of colors

wrote this on march 24 its 'holi' on friday... thats the hindu festival of colors... i dunno what it really celebrated for, but i will make it a point to find out today, coz im going over to a friends place to 'pay' holi... yes.. there wil be color all over... oh cmon now... dont gimme that OMG! UR CELEBRATING A HINDU FESTIVAL! :-D we have crazy women heading mixed congregations so blahhh... at least i aint doing anything that might create zinah... i mean what the hell is wrong with that freak... we all know what goes on at ISNA.. half the crowd goes to the ISNA conventions just to get laid.... sure u can argue that hey we got opposite sex in out work place too.... but thats really not valid... coz during salah.. u are communicating directly with Allah. and ur attention should be completely on it. in fact u do not get any thawab for that part of ur salah where ur attention gets diverted... especially for those who do not understand arabic... thats a tough one.. coz most ppl have all the verses rotified... so they just recite it full speed form memory while their mind is htinking about something else... u are not getting any thawab for that part of ur prayer... Abu Talah al Ansari r.a gave his garden off for charity because he got distracted by a pretty bird flying around the trees. he watched it for a long time and lost track of how many rakahs he had prayed. that is the importance of concentration in ur salah. a bird. and ur telling me that ppl will be at ease with complete concentration on their prayers in the presence of the opp sex? it's between u and allah, bu tto reach that state u need to feel cut off from ur material surrounding when u pray... mebbe ur just sexually challenged and hence dont understand. :| im not against women going to the mosque but... segregated... plese... men are very annoying... and now everyone aint a gentleman like you :D i never did finish writing, and i dont even remm what i wnated to write..

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