Sunday, March 27, 2005

rain rain :D

march is almost over... and its still raining here.... YEAY! moist winds from Iran.. i wish the weather would remain so for ever and ever and ever! :D so we have another retard in ajman going around cutting womens faces with a blade. we're gonna be having elections here soon. elections are not a big issue here... coz the local crowd is a minority :D well of course there are other reasons. but i dont want to enter my ownblogs url only to find out that it has been blocked by the etsuluts... sole isp here... they give ahuge share of their earning to the govt... so why on earth would they let any other company come here. apparently paktels gonna becoming. lesse. etisalat also just happened to wake up finally and struck a deal with norton antivirus for their broadband/dsl subscribers. free norton antivirus and firewall. i was runing it on my pc anyway... bootlegged :D sue me. ok, what was i actually sayin... hmm oh yeah... first we had a serial stabber and not a slasher... thetalk of the town, apparently, is that these are organized crimes to create unrest amongst the public... thats how governments are upturned. if they did change, would we notice? no. there would be some anouncement in the news paper.... and iwoudlnt be able to recall the huge name of the sheikh afew minutes after reading it. however, if this is being done for the purpose of kicking out he presently elected members... thenihope who ever it is whose doing it never gets elected. imagine what evul he might unleash if he comes to power. :-| cwazee.

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