Saturday, March 19, 2005

When Muslims are hated upon in Muslim nations.

Once upon a time there was a crazy serial killer going around stabbing women with a sharp object, which was later found out to be a paper knife. (I've never used paper knives but are they really sharp enough to make you get 20 stitches? =S) He went around stabbing women from the back late at night. One in a lift, another at an ATM machine and so on. Rumors spread that he was stabbing women unislamically dressed. One man caught on to him for a while when he saw him stab and run the abovementioned woman at the ATM machine. < href="">Khaleejtimes which claims to be the most circulates newspaper in the UAE and hence No. 1, interviewed that dude. The article was titled "Sharjah stalker an Afghan?" apparently because the witness said the man he caught hold of was "tall and lean with a black long beard and a fair complexion. He believed the suspect is from Afghanistan." I'm sure when you grab a person they start screaming at you in their mother tongue. There was no mention of any language spoken in Afghanistan. The ATM girl, btw, was wearing a hijab and claimed her attacker was dark and tall. Rumors spread even further: "He's an Al Qaeda trained killer" "He's a Taliban member" The word 'Afghan' was so obviously fed into the witness. Or maybe not. When the police finally did catch the serial attacker he turned out to be a Sri Lankan--tanned skin, no beard. The police (and the newspaper) claimed that the lone eye-witness recognized the man as being the attacker when shown by the police along with three of the victims. So, since three of the four victims recognized the man, when earlier they said they couldn�t, besides the eye-witness, and because the 28 year old SriLankan citizen confessed to the attacks himself, he was arrested. The third victim claimed he wasn't the person who attacked her. Here's the best bit: The newspaper never acknowledged the contradiction. They never even (or prolly just don't have enuf common sense to ever have) realized the immensely negative effect their title would have and did have on the citizens here. I have pretty upset Afghani friends. Frustrated. "As if the world doesn't have enough of a negative image of us, and especially me since I sport a beard, now the [false] claim that the attacker is an Afghan Muslim fanatic." Did the news paper apologize? Why would they? What with a largely non-Muslim, anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam staff. I am so pissed of. So so so very pissed of. NOONE has the right to stereotype a people like that. And I mean, KT? They are the most pathetic new source around! Their proof readers can barely speak English! And that's a fact! They make it a point to add grammatical errors and typographical errors into your spell and grammar checked writing. They have full stops and commas flying all over, at times changing the entire meaning of a statement. Here�s an example(a funny one): And Zafar's performance was the most awaited of the evening and the last one too. Security guards had a tough time, fighting-off female fans, trying to get autographs or even to catch a glimpse of the artists. �I got him (Ali Zafar) to autograph my shirt. This is so huge," said Nita, an excited fan. See the comma after female fans? That was inserted by the newspaper. So lemme get this right, the security guards were fighting back the girls so that they themselves could move ahead and get Ali Zafar's autograph... and Nita was just one of the many excited security guards? LOL! As if we don't have enough rumors of Ali Zafar being gay.

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