Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sex and Roll

Man held for raping niece By Salah El Debarki 18 March 2005 FUJAIRAH � Fujairah Police have arrested an Indian national, Riyas Rola, for raping his 16-year-old niece after watching a European satellite channel telecasting sex shows. The crime came to light several months after the incident, when the mother observed symptoms of pregnancy in her daughter. When she pressed her daughter, she revealed that her uncle raped her after the parents left for work. She admitted that the two had indulged in sex after watching the channel every day. The general prosecution arrested the accused and referred him to court. ---- I don't blame either of em you know... in a way... i guess everyone gets turned on after watching stuff like that... c'mon admit it, you do too. Is it really rape if its consented? The girl never said she was raped. She just said that had sex everyday. Hmm, or is it coz she was a minor? I dunno. Theres a reason why Islam is so big on purdah form na-mehrams. But this stupdi world just doesnt get it. Why would they, they wanna f*** anything that moves, or for that sake, doesnt move. Any thing. So yeah, violent themes games odn thave any effect on you, role playing a pimp in vdo games has no effect on you, you dont feelangered at all, you dont start swearing like that main character in the game. Watching and playing NFS didn't make you wanna drive fast. Oh no, not at all. People dont masterbate as they watch porn... never never never. Like, whatever.

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