Saturday, March 26, 2005

of NAMES and their perversions! =D

So i call up this event management company and ask to talk to their PRO/MD/BDO, whatever it is that they have. I'm told he's outof station at the moment, and that ishould fax in the necessaru info. (email technology never hit most places in the UAE. I work at ACNielson and if they wanna send the same fax to 30 different ppl, they make 30 copies of it, so that they can right ATTN: name and fax em individually. if you tell em u can send fax from a pc, they will STARE at you as if you were speaking greek. NOW i know why they prefer goras over desis. maaaaaannnnn. i've just joined and most of the time im doing that which is not a part of my job: giving IT training to employees to achieve high cost effectiveness and work efficiency :-| i better be getting a promotion for this. grrrr. heh ) so yeah anyways... the secretary tells me his name with a heavy arabic accent: mister huuuuuker. for a minute... i was.... like this: :-| then i regain my senses and request: "sorry, but could you please spell that name out for me?" "yes ofcourse. H O O K E R" ROTFL! so yeah, Mr. Hooker is a MARKETING director. ;-) I thanked her, kept the fone down and TOTALLY cracked up. Unfortunately none of the younger gang at work was in the office and i cudlnt tell those white haird colleguaes of mine what i was laffing at. :-S Right, so i come home and log on to my forum. its just a little thing i put up while in college just for my college clique. there are times when we go back to posts dated 2001 and are like... whoaaa... i had totally forgotten about all that... yes... memories etched forever... naturally. A friend had commented the following:
theres this relationship manager, who doesnt work in our dept but keeps coming up for some work...we couldnt believe our ears when we heard his name...fu ckruddin..haha ! and everyone in our dept calls him fuc kru..hahah ! oh well, I shouldnt be making fun of someones name..
HAHAHAHAHAHA just wasnt the best day for names ehhhh =)

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