Monday, March 14, 2005


First the health minister of punjab turns out to be responsible for the worst outbreak of Hepetitis C is the US. He owes millions in compensation and is at the moment absconding. So, lemme get this right? He has his license revoked in the US, he runs away, comes ot Pakistan, and is appointed the Health Minister of Punjab, when he couldn't even maitain basic hygience in his own cancer reaearch clinic? I can't pity Pakistanis any further. Oh and those poor female doctors and nurses... the amount of sexual harassment they'll e going thru his hands. Second, "Dr." Aamir Liaquat Hussain (of the Aalim Online on GEO TV fame) seems to have brought his bachelors, mastsers and doctrate from Trinity College in order to run for the elections of 2002. I just feel sorry for GEO TV and all the vierwes of the show. I mean my own parents used to watch him religiously, especially during Ramadhan. And now this. A person is just left totally confused about who to trust and who not to. When preachers of Islam turn out to be such shamless liars it's hard to find a balance in your life. Third, Faisal Saleh Hayat, Federal Minister of Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas has been asked to resign because his bail application was cancelled and NAB wnats to arrest him for being a bank loan defaulter. So much for having the bestest of politicans elected in the 2002 polls. Oh well, polotics was always a dirty game. Just that,it keeps getting dirtier with time.

FRAUDS, CORRUPTION, CRIMES OF MQM MINISTER EXPOSED MQM MINISTER "DR." AAMIR LIAQUAT HUSSAIN IS A FAKE AND FRAUD "DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY". Aamir Liaquat Hussain, a Corrupt Minister, Criminal Crook and Hypocritical Stooge of MQM-AH Don Altaf Hussain, is also an 'Islamic' Preacher for GEO TV, a Faction of the Pakistani Dogmatic Slave Press. Many leaders and activists of the MQM-AH were charged with high crimes and declared as terrorist gangsters by the Pakistan Army and Pakistan Government officials.


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Pakistani Minister Wanted in U.S. on Sexual Misconduct Charge, Sued for Millions

Action Filed Against License of Physician

MUSHARRAF JUNTA ROBBED BANKS, LOOTED BILLIONS OF RUPEES -- By SYED ADEEB 'Pakistani' federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, son of Muhammad Ghous Syed, is a bank robber and a thief. He robbed the United Bank Limited (UBL), Faisalabad, Pakistan, and stole 241,072 million rupees from the UBL by intentionally refusing to return a loan for his Shah Jewna Textile Mills to the bank, according to the Pakistan National Accountability Bureau (NAB) . A criminal bank loan fraud case (NAB Lahore Reference No. 7/2000, Dated: 2-13-2000) is still pending against Hayat with the NAB and an Accountability Court. Many hearings of this bank robbery or willful default case of a bank loan have been held in courts of law during 27 October 2000 and 10 March 2005, but during the last five years the slave judges have miserably failed to convict Hayat for his high crimes. Instead of recovering the looted cash and throwing Hayat in a jail for a very long time, the corrupt Musharraf-Jamali Junta rewarded Hayat for embezzling public money by making him the federal Interior (Police) Minister and the corrupt Musharraf-Aziz Regime rewarded Hayat for stealing public funds by appointing him as the federal Kashmir Affairs Minister. The Supreme Court of Pakistan cancelled bail of Faisal Saleh Hayat on Monday, 7 March 2005, and referred his case to an Accountability Court. Shortly before the Supreme Court Order was issued, Hayat quickly ran away from Pakistan to London, UK, to avoid arrest and jail. However, Faisal Saleh Hayat should be arrested by the British Police and deported back to Pakistan to face all criminal and civil charges of corruption in an independent, just and fair court of law. -- SYED ADEEB, American journalist and Chief Editor of the Information Times. PML-QA LEADERS STOLE MILLIONS OF RUPEES FROM PAKISTANI BANK -- By SYED ADEEB PML-QA President Chaudhry Shujat Hussain, Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and PML-QA leader Chaudhry Manzoor Elahi -- the three stooges of 'Pakistani' military dictator General Pervez Musharraf -- robbed the Muslim Commercial Bank of Pakistan and stole 22.792 million rupees from the bank in 2000. SINDH CHIEF MINISTER CANNOT WORK AS PROSECUTOR AND JUDGE SIMULTANEOUSLY "If he [Sindh Chief Minister Arbab Ghulam Rahim] has sacked me on the charges of corruption, then he should not forget that he [Rahim] has also been charged with women smuggling, setting up of private jails and masterminding the murder of a journalist in Thar [Pakistan] in near past," former Sindh Minister for Revenue and Political Affairs Imtiaz Ahmad Shaikh said. During his interview of Tuesday, 8 March 2005 with Dr. Shahid Masood of Pakistani ARY Digital TV, Pakistan Muslim League (PML-QA) Sindh Secretary General Imtiaz Shaikh showed several police FIRs and legal documents to Dr. Masood, which stated that 'ruling MQM-AH/PML-QA Sindh Chief Minister Arbab Ghulam Rahim -- a feudal lord, rapist and pimp -- has raped Pakistani women and supplied Pakistani women from Punjab, Sindh and elsewhere in Pakistan to his rich customers in Karachi, Sindh and elsewhere in Pakistan.' Sinned Against Again The establishment's carrot-and-stick formula engenders an unsavoury and unrepresentative government in Sindh.

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BaptizedLucifer said...

at times like these, i feel sorry for Jinnahs souls, it must be writhing in pain to see what they are doing to his dream.