Sunday, May 15, 2005

Animal rights activists are demanding the hats[of the British army], made from the pelts of North American black bears, be replaced by artificial fur, and one protester plans to follow Queen Elizabeth II in a bear costume when she visits Canada next week. Hahahahahaha... that would be one hilarious scene... I wonder if the bear will ask her for a dance... hmmm :-/ Was flipping channel and I saw someone crying (singing): hotay hotay kya say kya ho gaya haath main haath day kay koi kho gaya There was so much pain on his face :- It reminded me of a bunch of people I know who could actually be singing this... It's as if every single thing that's been happening lately is a constant reminder of what an awesome life i've been bestowed by Allah. :-) Someone asked me the other day why i dont really write in my blog. Well that's coz I have a private journal. There's a reason why they called it ones private life. Besides, when was the last time you faced a problem no one else has faced in this world before? Yeah? And if we let go of our most private thoughts... what really do we have left with us? Laptops are annoying. I hate their display. Shoe shopping tomorrow with a fellow blogger inshAllah. Aaah isn't it awesome when one of the coolest ppl you know in cyberspace happens to live right next to your house? :-D Then gonna take her out with my friends and show her what being wild actually means. :-D Beware Mona you're in for a ride of a lifetime ;-) So Atif Aslam, the guy who stole Gohers (of Jal) songs and released them in his album Jal Pari) , EP and some other band performed yesterday. Rain dance. Ahhh EP is like this particular group of desis we had in univ (as a friend put it)... they were staying at Imperial Hotel and laying down ho's left right up and down. :-D And how can we forget, "Mahesh Bhatt exposed"(LOL). I prefer the original Lamhey oh and i saw this pic of Atif on the same Mahesh Bhatt thread... it's hilarious

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