Monday, May 02, 2005

why oh why do we miss the dead so?

Aap jahaan bhi rahain Aap hamaray to hain Khwaab adhooray sahee Khwaab saharay to hain Jaanay phir kab milain Tere mere raastay... --Khwab by Junoon. Click on the lyrics above to hear the song =D Open the file in faaaav media player... winamp, window smedia player, real player... have your say =) This is the original version of the song by Junoon, sung by Ali Azmat Nussrat hussain (thanks for letting us know that Zag) in their first album Junoon I. A remake was done for their album Dewaar (2003), the song being called Khwab 2003 in it. Salman Ahmed, the lead guitarist decided to give the voice for the song. Uhmm... I wasnt too happy with this Salman version. Junoon was in Dubai last month and they performed both Khwab and Neend Ati Nahin... on request by someone :P Twas the first time i attended a desi concert. Have always wanted to before i die. lol. I wish i'd attended a Vital Signs concert. Never got the chance. And now I got to see Junoon live with my fave band member (Brian O Connel, Bass) not present. Firing the only professional musician from your band when he's going thru the worst time in his life... I dunno... came across as pretty harsh to me. I know it was always Brian who did all their sound settings during concerts. And this time round, when he wasnt there, even tho the sound system kicked ass (damn those mondo huge speakers are SCARY), their own sound setting SUCKED. Hell, Salman's guitar stopped working (in layman terms) QUITE a few times! Mekaal Hassan is their session bass guitarist now. He tried getting controlled feedback but it just "back"-fired. lol. Salman actually called up to ask why the convert review hadn't been published even tho it had been a week past the event. He was still high on it, coz it was one of their BESTEST performance ever he claimed. No Salman. It was amongst Junoons worst performance. Hmm, wait, thats not right. Ali was great, his usual self. Brian wasn't even there, Mikaal was, whose beats went about as he pleased. You, Salman, it was you who was the worst perfomer of the evening. Hell it was prolly your WORST performance EVER. It was the management that was kick ass. It was the sound system that was world class. Not you. So shut it. One would expect that after all these years, you'd be ever so relaxed on stage, confident of your skills and playing it smooth--professional. that you could do all the jumping around that you so seem to enjoy doing on stage, without comprising on your guitaring. After all, we're there to hear/see you play, not see you bounce around =D But no, you preferred to show-off, only making an idiot out of yourself, and coming off as an incompetent artist. If only you could hear the booing that was directed solely towards you in all that noise. If only... *sigh* You stop being a star when you stop being committed. So there, i'll never get to see Junoon performing as Junoon, ever. You've given the Pakistani Music industry a HUGE boost with your work tho, by exposing it to international market. No denying it. I wonder, if Brian might do a guest appearance of sorts somewhere in the future =) No regrets. Oh Strings was there too. Bilal Maqsood on rhythm. The session lead guitarist on stage, no camera most of the time, lol, guess the camera man really didnt know he was a session player :P But hey, he stole the show. It's kinda awesome to see everyone dressed desi during such concerts. You'd normally never see guy in shalwaar kameez, the desi girls too prefer western attire. But atleast the girls don't have the only-pathans-wear-shalwarkameez fear. lol. And here you are in a concert, you see people dressed in Sherwanis, Ajrak (traditional Sindhi shawl) and all... KHUSSAY even... 8-| The best are all these high school lads, they do the most ridiculous of things. hilarious. Pure entertainment. One could just sit and watch them thruout and go back entertained. Oh, thats minus the chichorpana mind you, its just lads doing silly things in their own group. lalalalalalalalalala

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