Sunday, May 08, 2005

Life's good, alhumdulillah. Enjoying it. That says it all eh? =) Just afew things tho: 1) You dont have to go around talkin about someones "character" f its isnt good stuff u gotta say. that makes u worse than them. and most of the time what ur saying are just rumours uve heard. thats ushc apiss off. 2) Don't ever say "he/she deserves it coz of their character" coz you won't een know what hit ur face and broke your jaw. Yes, i can be lethal with stupidity and pride. 3) If you've brpken off w/ someone ng to your common friends about the guy/girl you just dumped so they get cut off from the group. Once again, i'll make sure that YOU aren't left with any "friends" *evil grin* 4) i helped some strnager with their grocery today while xcoming down my building. she had like a dozen bags of grocery which she was trying to move into the life/elevator. She live sin my building but i've never seen her before. Well, i know she'll remember me now :-D So yeha, my day started off great, the weekend wa sEXCELLENT, been so tired tho, but thats coz i've been out on thurs/fri with friends :-) ende don a good note too, the day that is, just that thing (#2) which someone said. Bizatch. Hat it when ppl with questionable characters revel in someones suffering. Pathetic. These are usually ppl whove never hqd to go thru REAL suffering, the actual crap that life throws at you... or takes away from you... 5) I saw the movie KAAL the other day. It's a hindi movie. I went coz all my friends were going. And sinc ei dont get to meet most of them at one time, I wasnt gonna miss it. It was a rip off of a bazillion hollywood thrillers... and it wa shilarious... unintentionally. I was glad to find out i wasnt th eonly loud mouth in the cinema, i had the company of some very creative high skool kids .. and on and on we went... with the whole crowd laffing like crazy... at a horro fillum. lol. My friends have sworn they'll never take me to watcha hindi movie with them. Mission acccompplished. lol. 6) On our way back on friday i heard this song on radio... "teri galiyon say" its fomr the movie "main aisa hi hoon"... its such a kick ass number. i had ot beg my friends to tell me which bloody movie it belonged to, so that i could d/l it. 7) It's 12am and i should go to bed now... new health routine :-D go to bed even if ur not sleepy, at least ur not further exhausting ur body. Coz THAT really shows in the morning when u go to office :-D 9) PArdon the typos. 10) Goodbye =) Whoa i had intended to end this at the first three statment sin this entry... god knows where the "just a few things tho" came from... =S

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