Tuesday, May 03, 2005

someone found out that sodomy is a crime in US law. that someone then went ahead and let people know about it too. Of course, HOW he went about it was... hilarious.
Sodomy - (sod�o�my) (sod�[schwa]-me) [after the city of Sodom]
1. anal intercourse. 2. old term for any form of homosexuality; sometimes extended to refer to any of numerous paraphilias.
********************* Just saw About a Boy yetserday. Wuz flipping thru channels when i see an evul looking kid on MBC 2 and i was hooked heh. I loved Hugh's dialogues. He used "bugger" to perfection. Ah the comical farce :-D The bit where the kid kills the duck with home baked bread was hilarious. :-) ********************* Listening to the sound track of Daira, a telefilm based on Mohsin Hamid's book Moth Smoke (Book Review). The book was optioned to Caroline Link, Oscar winning director of Nowhere in Africa. No idea if the the project was ever launched. Daira competed for Indus Networks first ever Telefilm Festival. Loved all the movies that were shown. Now if these movies, and such sound tracks were given the exposure the mainstream crap media gets... i mean THIS stuff is quality... the crap they show is like... save us the embarasment will ya? I must admit tho, quite a few numbers on the OST suck. hahahahaha! I haven't seen Maula Jutt. I know all of its infamously famous dialogues, i know all the poses, but i havent seen the damn movie! It's on my MUST-do list now. Have to watch it before I die. :-) I've been digging up lists of all things classic.. movies and books especially from way before I was born. Everone should watch and read that stuff. Everyone. Now, if you're gonna tell me that Maula Jutt and Daira can not be compared, you've missed the point. Sigh. They are to be watched/read as individual entities. Oh and any suggestions to add to my list will be welcome! =) It's just dawning on to me I'm in the wrong profession all together :- Oh my. Bugger off now. :-)

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