Tuesday, May 24, 2005


1) I had myself baptized. I had a dream. I had aims. Thought i'd live a civilized life amongst humans. But noooooo... these annoying brats wont lemme be... SO... *Takes pitchfork out of the cupboard... grabs a hold of both Zag and Tiddy by their ears.. pokes a bazillion holes into them and flushes them down* Good riddance! 2) So my elder bros gone to China for a biznuz trip. He's been living on orange juice, water and rice for three days straight now. He wont even eat he veggies coz some how the fact that its been cooked by Chinese brings a yuk image to mind. What if they have added cockroach sauce and the likes :-| So anyways he was down for buffet where he sees some strange looking chicken dish next to the other normal looking chicken dishes. It had strange cuts and no bones where their should have been. He checks out the pieces with tongs and then says out loud to his collegue: "Weird chicken eh?" To which a steward responds "This is dog, not chicken" HAHAHAHAHA. 3) So the dog thingy reminds me of CaptainHooks dog story (yah he always has weird stories). If i remember correctly, rather if he told me correctly, he wa sonce bitten by a dog when he was young. From that day onwards he's made ingenious devious plans to seek revenge from dogs. Eventually when he landed in Japan(it WAS Japan, right Winston?) he ate a dog! His revenge was complete. FREAK! lol hahahahaha 4) Tree elf wrote about a head on collision with a butterfly. That got me thinking about ALL the butterflies that used to be around my house... yes... back when there were hardly any buildings... we had traditional arab villas... we had grass... we had shepherds walking around with their goats and what not... we had butterflies and lady birds... sooo many of them. Catching butterflies sitting on leaf blades and flowers was a daily challenge. They close their wings when they settle somwehere... thats when u catch their wings... very delicately and go around running screaming : "I CAUGHT ONEEEEEEEEEEE" you show it to everyone and then let it go... and go look for another. Hell there were SO many butterflies back then that you'd see half a dozen dead on the ground everyday... too old.. broeknwings and blah... no it wasnt me! i didnt kill any! 5) The other obsession was collecting ladybirds... all black.. all yellow.. and the typical all red with black spots... we'd uproot the grass they would be on very carefully and then put it inside those huge family sized plastic coke bottles... at the end of the day we'd take a count and then let em go. I dont remm the last time i saw a bloody butterfly oor lady bird... dont even see em in the parks! :-/ 6) And yes, we were those kidz who believed dragonflies were little helicopters being driven by tiny humans. And we'd run and run and run behind em. Never got ot atch one, and im glad now, coz when i saw a dead one lying on ground, when our bubble was burst, i realized how ugly they were. heh. woudlnt wanna hold one. haha. but blameit on cut-toonz and moms who tell u that dwarves live underground. Yes, that IS the reason why there was so many deep holes all over the neighborhood. We were digging for dwarves, so we could go down and visit them... there world, which apparently as our moms told us, were just like ours, but just underground. :-/ i think they were trying to teach us about the H and M race locked up behind mountains or underground or whatever... lol So much for religious lectures. 7) I can't believe i talked DiscoPapaya to add me to her MSN list. It was as easy as asking her to add me. Haha... yeah... so much for ur anonymity DP :P So we discussed poets, not poetry. No. Discussed? No, no, no. I typed, she read. Such an egotist i is. Can't believe i was talking to a 17 year old tho. She puts me to shame. lol. 8) End of entry. Now to add all the necessary links in this entry.

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