Tuesday, May 31, 2005

1) So I finally got to meet the Owl. And Mona too, again. :P Even tho she denies it i'm dead sure she's working as a poy for the ayatollah. I mean she could easily pass of as an Iranian any given day. Which is why i didnt recognize her standing next to that pillar ;-) but apprently she waves her "mobile" at Mona and Mona screams at me: "Faiiiizaaaaaa i think she's the one" or something like that... like... the whole Mall knew by then ;-) 2) While leaving home i told my youngest sis i was going to meet an Owl today. She went into deep thought and then put her hands together and askes me: "Will you PLEEEASE bring it home? I would LOVE to have an owl!" 3) Owl can put the bestest frown on her face i've ever seen. She prolly practices it in front of the mirror. Hahaha... the best expression of hers is the one she said she put when she was asked to tell boys off who were bugging the daunty girls: "Hey, what're you doing?" Hahahaha... the red haired sk8tr girl! 4) I ate all of Monas NY Fries... I suggested A&W's grilled chicken burger to Own (coz she didnt want anything fried) breaking my own rule of never eating anything i've never tried before when im hungry. Now Hardees has an AWESOME grilled chicken sandwich. But the one at A&W was like... dipped in water.. then coated with fake red chilli powder and mebbe steamed. Coz i swear there was water dripping from it when i picked it up. I've alway sliked A&W. Now i hate it. 5) Owl and Mona have a lot to talk. I have to tell Mona to shut up so i can say an incoherent sentence and then ask both of them to ignore what i just said coz it didnt even make any sense to me. :-| 6) Owl thinks i'm a lesbian just cozi pointed a hottie to her. Well she wasnt a hottie, but her dress sure was hot. I told her she hasn't really gotten to know Mona that well then. She did however, on our way to Monas place... in the car... lol. Poor Owl, wondering how she got stuck with two lesbians. :-/ lol 7) Mona can put on the most scary look ever.... like REAL scary... those eyes... gives me the creeps... and she kept pushing and pulling me in the name of "demonstration" :-( I GOT ABUSED DAMMIT! 8) Mona and Owl went on and on in Monas rooms too.. i got sick of moving my face.. left... right...left...right... i finally gave up and just stared at the ceiling fan... lol.. yeah i was like lazing around on the bed... im sooo lazy... i cant believe the two of them were SITTING... they just dont know what being at home means... 9) Owl says stuff thats way too complicated for me to figure. So i just nod my head pretending i understood. But thats ok, coz Mona understands what Owl says. 10) Mona and Owl tell me i'm not what i'm supposed ot be. As in, i'm supposed ot be this big and hge bully what with all the "attitude" i have on my blog. And my screen name, baptized lucifer. Oh come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... ATTITUDE!? ME!? ATTITUDE!? I'm so niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice ;-) Besdies... i'm baptized! so im supposed ot be all goody. And i've never been lucifer-ish! ever! O:-) 11) We stayed at Monas place till 12-ish! :-| She didnt even offer us water :-( Such a useless little thing. New policy - ask people where the kitchen in when u enter their home for the first time. :-) 12) I had an awesome time! I have two brand spanking new pardners in crime! :-D :-D 13) Jabal Hafeet trip coming up! Tallest mountian in the UAE, which no one is going to be climbing :P But its such a pretty place... if all goes well we will see Owl fly off from the mountain and hopefully Mona won't start stripping there... considering there will be plenty of guys too... lol.. aaaah i can smell that awesome fresh air already! 14) Tiddi's nick on msn is �??. He says these were random Greek letters he chose and did not mean to spell sex. Sure, we believe him. 15) Bekn|ghted's msn nicks have AlWaYs BeEN TyPEd LiKE tHIs ever since he was a teen-ager. He claims to be straight. 16) Check out our very own TDH in SouthPark 17) I am good people. ;-)

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