Saturday, May 28, 2005

Just for the heck of it.... why im composing this post. 1) have to be at owls/abez place at 7. i have a spltting headache. i need a nice cup of chai. but who is gonna make me one? mona was supposed to come along but i doubt she'll make it... the poor thing with all that hectic schedule... 2) i love pizza. but the one we had yesterday for dinner has left me feeling pukey... still. 3) i hate sales. i dont shop during sales, but i act the most excited one when they are on. i prolly do it so that i can make myself believe im like the rest. or mebbe i just keep finding stupid excuses like that to get a high. heh. 4) thursday was a kickass weekend. met up with almost all the ppl i know one after another. we had gone shopping on thursday, when done with that just started callng ppl up who kept dropping by all the way till 12am. we had dinner under the hot humid sky. but thats coz no place les a noise bunch like us stay a minute longer after we've finished eating. friday was totally dead. slept the whole day. woke up only to feel a bit low... blame on the high the day before. i hate that... right after the high comes a massive low. not because somethings gone wrong, but just that the pardyz over for the day. i'm a sucker for ppl i guess. and im vehemently protecive of my alone-time. argh, now im gonna stay in a sucky mood for the entire week, keep dwelling over things, find excuses to claim that my life sucks when it doesnt at all... drama i tell you... its all draaaamaaaaaa. lol 5) there is no purpose to this post. i just got sick of those soldiers of mine dancing. and i never did explain why i posted them. doesnt matter... 6) chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiii!!! :-( 7) i hate to say this but the baloch in pakistan's balochistan can act so jaahil. they think an independant balochistan will solve their problems, that it is the govt whose screwing em up. i cant beliee they literally worship their feudal lords whove ripped em off their dignity. retards. so there is this forum on where they keep ranting about unity and separation and stuff without every wondering why they in the position they are in. a friend just dropped over there and told em, very politely, that their leaders arent gonna save em, if something has to be done they will have to do it themselves. guess what those morons did, they tried to hack his site,, just coz they felt their bugti leaders had been insulted. wth? They couldn't even bring the website down, just left some http referrers in the Admin's Control panel: "Hacked by BLA, Nawab Akbar Bughti Team". with an attitude like this they aint getting balochistan anywhere, and definitely not contributing anything towards pakistans development. sheesh.

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punjabi kus killer said...

long live independent balochistan fuck all off you pakistani punjabi madarchodo twadi maa nu lun q(-_-)p