Monday, April 25, 2005

I did the most stupidest thing a while back. I don't remember the last time I did something so idiotic conciously. Oh wait, I do, but hey i was half asleep... I knew I had taken the wrong turn, but it was too late... i fell of my bunk. lol. I can't believe i'm admitting that, but that was decades ago. TODAY... I'm sitting on a swivel chair... at my desk... legs folded on the chair... yeah... totally relaxed... then i decide to switch the airconditioner on... the swith on my left... above... Me being an ABSOLUTE idiot tries to raise my hand to press the switch, the chair moves back slightly. I realize its not a wise thing to do coz im gonna fall on my face on the desk... hell i knew it anyway. In fact I spent a few minutes contemplating the move before I first attempted it. YET... YET I went ahead and tried it the second time... and needless to say ... lol... I have a very badly bruised knee... aching ribs... and... thank god i didnt land on my face on the desk.... that woulda been it, i'd have prolly broken my neck... i fell on my knees on a tiled floor. What an idiot. WHAT AN IDIOT! I have a history of gettin myself into trouble i always knew my actions would lead me into. There's something wrong with my brain, it just wont understand when to STOP. Oh well... lol WHAT AN IDIOT!

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