Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Come home from work for lunch. Daal chawal have never tasted better. I've never been a fan of the dish but, when you're hungry, oh and when your mom's done the cooking (lol), it's always a treat! Wake up at 4ish and I can hear the live commentary on TV that immediately catches my attention. (Some test matches going on? No idea :D) "Pakistan's definitely made it to a draw, just one more ball left." Now, I'm not a cricket fan. Not a fan of any sport in fact. But I'm willing to watch any of it if its in one of those crucial last minute phases which decide it all. One ball left that's gonna decide whether you win or lose, what could be more unnerving? :D I ran to the hall, Inzi the aloo batting, Sachin bowling. Ganguly tells Sachin to bring the fielders closer, Sachin says no and decides to just bowl. Ganguly is grinning ear to ear for him, they've already won the match. Dravid calls the teams together though. They decide to bring the fielders in. In the mean time Inzi is asking the umpire how many runs they need to win. One of course. And sachin was thinkig two all this time :D Oh boy, anything left to make it more tensed? :D 1 ball, 1 run :D Inzi hit a fouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrr :D
Inzamam-ul-Haq scrambles the winning run off the last ball as Pakistan levelled the series at 2-2 in a thrilling match at Ahmedabad � AFP
Sure since I'm a Pakistani I was glad Pakistan won. But really, it's not a big deal, coz I'm not a fan. However, those few minutes... whoa... in those few minutes I was the biggest cricket fan ever. In fact I guess I'm NOT a cricket fan (which mind you, does NOT mean I hate it) is coz I'm Pakistani. Pakistani cricket is so messed up. And I find it disgusting that the boys keeps using common Arabic phrases which can be roughly translated to "Whatever Allah Wills", "All thanks to Allah", "Allah is the greatest". And then you see them here, in Dubai, and the things they do. The same goes for most of our other celebrities be it musicians, models or actors. Oh the other day I saw some dumb lollywood actress Meera all over so weally old weird freak. That dude was old enough to be her grandad! Yes most of our singers and actresses come from Heera Mundi, the ultimate red light area of Pakistan. Can't blame these women for it. It's run by men after all :D There this dude who was born in Heera Mundi. He was raised there. And now he paints these prostitutes. No, they aren't pornographic paintings. You can hang them in your homes actually, coz they are just pictures of completely covered women, combing there hair, looking outside the window et cetera. I can't remember his name. My memory sucks. His paintings have been displayed in many countries but the government of Pakistan refuses to acknowledge him. For what he paints is something they wish to not acknowledge coz it portrays Pakistan as that which is does not stand for. As if, by pretending to know about its existence is going to make it disappear. Who on earth are they fooling? Everyone knows about the red light areas in Lahore. That same dude was once short listed for the annual honorary awards the government of Pakistan gives, however he was cut off, because apparently his work brought shame to the country. wth? The dude in question here said he was not ashamed of his background. He's damn right. If there is a man who should be ashamed, it is his father who probably does know it's his son. They always do. As kids I've seen this stuff in Urdu TV serials. Prostitutes, not quite portrayed as just that. For me they were just women who dressed garish and sang and wanted to work in the movies. Coz that's what they'd always show, some rich old man over, and them trying to woo him to get them a role in some movie, and him promising them just that. Mebbe that just is the next step for sex workers--movies. I used to find these serial extremely boring and illogical. But that's coz, of course, they didn't make any sense to me back then. Now, now I think about them, very vivid memories indeed, I remember the faces of the actors too. And, and it all makes sense now. Now, now I realize how beautiful those particular serials were. Is that an oxymoron? How can the ugly truth of life be written such that it be called a beautiful depiction? I remember a particular dialogue in fact: "Men and animals are the same, they both hunt for flesh" The common man of Pakistan seems to get raped daily in the name of Patriotism and Islam. Right, I should shut up now.

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