Thursday, April 14, 2005

Can I call you back..i'm f*****!

I read this hilaaaarious post!
Can I call you back..i'm fuckin! [...] On to the funny story for today. I call a friend of mine last night while driving home from kayaking up north. Anyway his girl picks up the fone. I say "hey whats up! why the hell doesnt XXX answer the fone when I call!" She replies "Because I am on top of him!" I say "What" she says "I am on top of him!" I ask "Is XXX inside of you right now?" she says "here is XXX" I say "dude are you banging your girl right now?!?!?" He replies "dude, can I call you back?" I feel dirty, oh so dirty. -K
here's the link hahahahahahaha

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