Friday, April 15, 2005


i was making my sister finish her physics homework... yes making her do it, not helping her, she knows her stuff, but is too lazy to bother doing it.. " i know it.. why the hell should i write it in my notebook?" TEEN-agers! She just TURNED 13 this year... and look at the attitude... i can see some pretty hard times ahead for me... lol Anyhow, if its physics, there has to be newton, and if newton is there, there have to be "see-saw" word problems. See wrote "see saw". I told her to put the hyphon coz its supposed to be taken as one and not two separate words. She said, "Sow hy do we leave a space? just writen them together" "BECAUSE there is NO such word as SEESAW" "Oh yeah? So why DO we call it SEE-SAW?" I saw that coming... Now this is a talent i know i possess... i've always been able to derive the roots of words... what they could possible have been derived from... but here i was... stuck myself... see-saw? present tense-past tense? now u see me now u don't? Makes sense to me... but i still wanna know... is that why they were names see-saws? And how come i never thought about why they were called so when i actually played on them? Not that i lied em a lot, coz i dont like being stuck up there... its scary... and since i was the tiny one in the crowd most of the time... ppl found it funny to do that to me... :waaah: no no that wasn't bullying, it was all in good spirits. See-saw...

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