Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ode to a Tree-Elf

We have amongst us a self-claimed evil santa�s elf:
"i'm a SMART elf. it takes a very sneaky mind to avoid ol santa and his minions as long as i have."
Now this is no ordinary elf. It claims to be a TREE-ELF. What�s that supposed to be taken as by a noob? An elf that lives on a tree yeah? Apparently he�s an elf that not just looks like a tree but is actually the size of one. Whatever, he's a chipmunk for all we know...
"hey! i am a tree-elf! i am tall and all that crap..a distant cousin of legolas!"
I mean, listen up, either you are: 1) an elf; 2) a tree; or 3) an elf that lives on a tree You are not an elf that is also a tree or a tree that is also an elf! And elves (elf's? im confused =S) don�t blog! Neither do trees! And I hate nouns that end with an F. My spellings are horrible and grammar does not exist for me. And yeah you said it yoself punk, you is all that CRAP :P Doe numbri jaali wannabe tree. Freak of nature. Lets just pray there aren't more where he came from :-| 04/30/05
"you are atleast as insane as i am woman."
wow, now he claims to be a she. amusing. tree-elves are weeeeeird. :-/

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