Saturday, April 09, 2005

Pakistan rights group defends female race participation

Just read this in the local newspaper KARACHI, Pakistan - A human rights group on Saturday criticized radical Muslims for opposing women�s participation in marathons, a week after extremists stoned runners during a race in Pakistan. Iqbal Haider of the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said there was nothing wrong with women and men participating together in races, and urged Islamic groups �to show flexibility.� Hundreds of supporters from the Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal, or United Action Forum, Islamic coalition threw stones last Sunday at men, women and children participating in a three-kilometer (1.9-mile) race in Gujranwala, an industrial city in eastern Punjab province. �We condemn the attack on the participants of the road race in Gujranwala,� Haider told reporters in the southern city of Karachi. The stoning injured 18 people and led to the arrest of 25 stone-throwers. MMA says it is �indecent for women to run in the streets,� and has asked the government to ban co-ed marathons. ---- stone 'em to death! stone 'em to death! they be infidels! then go to diamond bazaar and have a swell evening :D morons. hahahahaha.. indecent for women to run in tthe streets... but its ok to do the sh*t they do behind closed doors :D i feel sorry for the women in their households. KO had an awesome entry on MMA's stupidity: "One of the more morbidly fascinating fights the past few months was the religion column in our passports. In line with international norms, the govt. had removed the religion column from Pakistani passports. This caused a big uproar. The MMA was against this, giving a number of highly illogical reasons and a few blatant lies." Read em here they're hilarious.

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