Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I think I'll be faiza in the movie

i met the strangest people in undergad school... i really did... [note: stinking bastards was the english subtitle used in the movie sholay for 'kuttay' or was it 'haraamzaaday' i really don't remm now... but all we did was read the subtitles... when ever we were not ROTFL] [...] estoosh: And then later, it just so happens that chirkut was my brother and I go out there for revenge. hassu: now "stinkin bastard's" bro cums into de scene (movie part 2 is now realeased :D) new heroines for de bastard's bro ;) Winnie: yes and hasina is in lead role...and faiza is the supporting actress..;) now you guys figure the story.. faiza: faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa qaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf i aint no heroine.. i wanna be the villain.. not even the vamp... to be a villain in a hindi movie one of the criterias is a weird hairstyle.. and as u all know i am sporting a 'FRO now a days... hmmm so there :P and we know that hassu likes to EXPOSE... as we saw on Saijida's daawat ;-) so she can do the heroin or the vamps role ;-) estoosh: Bastard's bro??? Oops! Okay. Chirkut is not my brother anymore. :) hassu: me EXPOSED???? :P:P well, i dont mind being de vamp bt no way heroine :P hassu: cmon bastard's bro...u cant back out is been released already ;) estoosh: I think I'll be faiza in the movie. Winnie: haha..and what will faiza do? estoosh: Faiza will go to a bar (as usual) and sit next to a guy who starts to like her. "Hey! my name is Matt. You look very good." "Ofcourse I do. They don't call me Faiza for nothing you stupid idiot!" "Would you like to have a drink? it's on me." "I naturally expect to treat me for a drink you stupid jackass!" "What would you like to have?" "I need 7 shots of Mexican tequilla and 5 glasses of beer. But later, I will need 2 glasses of whisky on-the-rocks. And I only have black label whisky. So if you don't have the money for it, you can just phiss off!" estoosh: "Aaaaaaam, okay!" "Gosh! I hate it when people do aaaaam. Its so damn annoying. Don't you think its annoying?" "Well......ya....som..." "Shutup and pay for my drinks." "Hey! I got a room up stairs if you know....aaaaamm..." "Excuse me! are you deaf or something? Oh I get it! you haven't cleaned your ears for over a month. I thought I told you that I HATE it when people do aaaaaaam. I said that I find it annoying!" "Aright aright I am sorry. Well, as I was saying, I have a room upstairs if you wanna relax a little, you know!" "Whats wrong? Did people in school call you 'slow'? Did your mother dress you up or something? Cause you look like some sort of panzy who has been pampered by his mother his whole damn life. Why don't you just shutup and pay for my drinks, and ****off." estoosh: "Aam ahaham aaaam" "aaaaaaaam aaaaaaaaam SHUTUP! Hehe. Shutup Mr. Aaaaaam. I am gonna call you mr. Aaaaaam from now on. Because you keep saying aaaaaaam like a moron everytime. Oh! what am I saying! You are a moron! Tell me Mr. Aaaaaaam, how old are you?" "I am 35." "Your 35???? Wow! I am 23. I bet you sucked up a lot to teachers when you were in school. Is that right?" "Excuse me, I think I am phissed off with your attitude now." "What's wrong you stupid duck! you phissed in your pants or something?" (He looks at his pants to see if they are wet. They aren't) "What? my pants ain't wet!" (Faiza takes her beer and throws it on his pants.) "Hey!" "Now your pants are wet! haaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaa. You peed in your pants. Whats wrong Mr. Aaaaaam! you still need dipers at the age of 35? Oh I get it! You just can't control it, huh! Or is it just one of those days that your privates started acting up!" (He's heading towards the entrance door of the bar) "Oh why are you running away from me you Mr. Aaaaam? Oh wait wait. Let me ask you one last question.............................................Does your mama still give you suck? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa. What a looser!!!" faiza: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! estoosh: What's the moral of the story?....."No panzee ass mama's boy should approach Faiza". hassu:LOOOOOOOOL man dat was goooooood. it does sound like faiza ;)

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