Saturday, April 16, 2005

Pets, anyone?

Girl held for sex with dog 05/04/2005 15:33 - (SA) Riot Hlatshwayo Tzaneen - Three dogs were put down after villagers allegedly caught a 12-year-old girl having sex with one of the animals. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Tzaneen confirmed that the three dogs were put down last week Tuesday because they'd been beaten so badly by angry villagers. "We had no alternative because they were in a really bad state," said Tzaneen SPCA chairperson, Ranate Prinsloo. She said police had asked the SPCA to collect the animals from a village in the Bolobedu area after villagers threatened to kill the dogs themselves to protect their daughters. Mopani police spokesperson Superintendent Moatshe Ngoepe reported that the incident began as a rumour. "Villagers heard that the young girl always had sex with three male dogs, so they lay in wait to catch her in the act," he said. They claim to have seen at least one dog and the girl going behind her family's house on Monday afternoon last week and "surprised" them. Police were called and arrested the child for bestiality. She appeared before the Bolobedu magistrate's court last Wednesday and the magistrate ordered that she be sent to a psychologist. "We are expecting the psychologist's report soon," Ngoepe said. Head of the Bethesda Christian Church, Dr Elijah Mtileni, believes demons are to blame and said only prayer and fasting would help the girl. *Afraid of getting Aids Meanwhile, bestiality charges were provisionally withdrawn against a 19-year-old man from Mphakati near Malamulele last Tuesday. He'd been accused of having sex with a goat. Two years ago, another Limpopo man was jailed to 18 years for having sex with a goat in October 2002. He'd argued that he abstained from sex with humans because he was afraid of contracting HIV/Aids. That same year a Bushbuckridge man committed suicide after he was caught having sex with a hen that later died. A young Botswana man who stayed in Limpopo was also accused of having sex with a donkey and littering the ground around it with condoms. In October 2003, another man was jailed for 10 months after villagers caught him with two goats in Xihosana village near Malamulele.
------------------------- The first story is so dumb. For all you know the girl was just petting the dog and the stupid villagers just assumed there was more going on based on the stupid rumours. And just WHO the hell gave them the right to beat the dogs up? I mean, its not that the dogs were raping their women!? What morons. As for the dude who would rather have sex with animals to satisfy his carnal desires... has he never heard of sex toys? :-D Besides, I'm doubtful if animals like having sex with humans. :-/ There's a reason why this stuff is categorized under cruelty to animals. Which meaaaans.... a person can't even claim it was consensual sex, like them promoters of incest keep saying. LOL! This is discrimination I tell ya! Hahahaha.

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