Friday, April 15, 2005


Afridi so totally rocked today. Like, what on earth happened there. Haha. If you missed the match... damn... u've GOT to see it... just him... Anyways... 1. Favorite confession from today's Grouphug: "i raped someone dressed up as Ronald McDonald" (People shouldn't be walking around dressed as Ronald McDonald - they're just asking for it - but then again - no means no - even from Ronald. -Monkey) Read the above on Monkey's Journal. LOOOOOOOOOOL! I find this rape completely justified. In fact, it's a service to humanity. TFU No, really. Hahahahaahah So I decided to check the site out meself. 2. Heres another evul one: "All of my family are very ugly and I am quite good looking. I invite them places so they make me look good - is this wrong?" No, its not wrong at all. See, life is all about relativity. Hahahaha. 3. "Three of my girlfriends over the years have been rape victims. It really opened my eyes to how much sexual abuse goes on in America. However I now feel guilty because I don't want to date anyone as emotionally unstable as these women. I'm very sensitive to the subject but their misery didn't equate to healthy relationships. " Yes, rape victims are never the same. Neither are those who were sexually abused. Fcuk therapy, it doesn't work. It only teaches u to fake as if you're normal. You're never normal. If you believe therapy can wipe off the memories, you really need therapy yourself. 4. "I want to have sex with this girl I work with. She is so hot with huge breasts and a nice tight ass. Problem is I am married. But I still want her. Once we made out for like 5 minutes but we both got freaked out and stopped. I feel like a jerk for wanting her as I do love my wife. so eveytime I see her I go to the bathroom and jerkoff so as not to do anyting stupid. Someone should shoot me " Exactly, someone should just shoot him. But hey, at least he thinks about his wife and is trying to avoid it all from happening again. More power to jerking off. If you think its haraam, go and fcuk urself, moron. Oh wait, you, yes you could just marry her coz, that's allowed in Islam yeah? Someone should shoot me. 5. "I love flirt but I cannot finish with just flirting & after I have sex I feel pretty fcuked up. " LOL! How else are you supposed to feel after you've just been fcuked? :-/ No, really? 6. "ive come to the realization, that i am a heartless bitch, i get bored with boys way too fast and i think, i might just have to turn lesbian, but girls may be too crazy for me. so i guess im just asexual" That wasn't me, I swear. 7. "What I really want to do is get two cute chicks naked and just spend hours screwing them and watching them with each other. That's not so bad, I suppose, except for the fact that they're my sisters-in-law. " LOL! Hey if its consensual, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Or so they believe in his country. Morons. 8. "I realize this is gonna sound like one of those clich� fake confessions, but this one's 100% true. About two years ago, I was walking through the countryside with my then-girlfriend. We came by this little church which was always open, even if there was no one there. We went in to have a laugh but suddenly my gf just grabs me, starts groping me all over, kissing, etc... I didn't really know what came over her, but it felt good so I let her do it. She pulled down my pants and gave me a bj right there in the middle of an empty church... ... then proceeded to spit it all out in the holy water! I'm not exactly religious in any way - in fact, I hate religious people altogether - but I do concende that went a bit far. My confession is not that I feel guilty about having done that; I feel sorry for not being there the next morning when the people went for their blessing and the holy water... " Hahahahahaha! Eeeew! I do not endorse mixed prayers btw. Women are evul and they should not be allowed into mosques/temples/churches/synagogues. lol. 9. "I hope D doesn't like me because I think he is ugly and weird." I hope so too. Ugly people are... ugly. And weird people are... weird. They have no right to exist. 10. "I have pubic lice and put of spite I took one out and put it on my friend's bed because he owed me 5 bucks." No comments. :-| 11. "I saved up four months of my own faeces in a garbage bag. At the end I poured it out all over my bathroom floor and spent the whole day rolling around in it. The poo is still on the floor and sometimes I purposely flood the shower to moisten it. I'm not sure when i'll clean it up." Now I've read it all. 12. "I used to bang my girlfriend's hot mom. What a shitty thing to do to your daughter. But it left me with many wonderful memories." Ahem... none of you read that. 13. "I want to go out and do something evil just so I can confess about it on this website." Me too. 13 is a good number. So we'll stop at it. Btw, is a site where u can make anonymous confessions. "The idea is for anyone to anonymously confess to anything. it actually feels kind of good to know that someone will read it." "\con*fess"\, v. i. 1. to make confession; to disclose sins or faults, or the state of the conscience." For once, you don't have to feel guilty for stumbling over other peoples dirty little secrets. =) Yeah, I don't mean most of the comments I wrote up there, you're supposed to know that. And if you thought otherwise, damn, you're one stupid dude. You must be ugly and weird too. You prolly dress like Ronald and got raped and never found emotional stability again. Lol, oh all right, i'll stop :-D But before I leave, I have a confession to make too: I make fun of peoples confessions. I'm so evul. :-|

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